Miacademy Review

Hello! It has been quite some time since my last post, and for that I apologize. I was busy working on my degree and also suffering from multiple health issues that put me out of commission for awhile. I hope to be blogging again and hosting giveaways on a regular basis very soon but until then, I am very excited to be able to tell you of my experience with Miacademy

Miacademy came along at just the right time. It can be tough homeschooling through illness, but having access to a safe, online learning environment definitely filled in some gaps in our lessons. I know there are other programs out there, but none of them seemed to fill our needs completely enough. To be honest, this program was not a great fit with my recently turned 7 year old daughter who is in second grade and more of a "hands on" learner but totally fit the bill with my 9 year old third grader! Every time he plays, he discovers something else that he likes about Miacademy and not only that, he retains what he learns as well. 

So many things about this learning community drew me in, but for the sake of time and space (YES! There are THAT many things that I love about Miacademy) I will just list a few of them. Most importantly to me, this is a SAFE site. While I always monitor my children when they are using the school computer located in the most central room in our house, it is impossible to be with them every second (especially when more than one child is being homeschooled at the same time). Moderators monitor the online community and keep an eye on everything. If something questionable comes along, it is not posted and a message is sent to the parent and student regarding the issue. For instance, in his personal description, my son mentioned that his hobbies included playing a popular game. I received a message informing me of the moderator's contact with my son and also an explanation stating "For safety reasons, we do not allow mention of other websites on our site..."  along with the message to contact them with any questions. I appreciate having the extra set of eyes, so to speak.

Another winning point, is that kids can learn at their own pace and each future challenge is based on their progress and previous challenge results. The one thing my son found very frustrating at first regarding the challenges was when he incorrectly answered a question and then had to start all over again from the beginning answering the exact same set of questions all over again. More than once it caused him to give up and move on to something else but eventually he ended up going back to master the lesson in the spirit of competition. Earning those gold coins to spend dressing up his avatar and buying things for his castle is great incentive for him. He also likes to see his ranking among other community members and says that the games make learning fun. Like I said, this style of learning is spot on for him and the offered rewards highly motivate him to want to learn more. The one thing he does not like is the computer's voice as he finds it highly annoying but if that is the only negative, that's not too bad, right? 

"MY WORLD" Screenshot
Having access to the Parent's Premium account, I have been able to set goals for each child as well as to track their progress and assess their academic growth. The weekly email updates I receive are also helpful as they summarize each child's progress and makes it easy to see at a glance how many coins they have earned, how many messages they have, their pet status, and games played/prizes earned. 

Below are several screenshots of my parent account. As you can see, with just a click of the mouse, learning levels, goals and assignments can be set and adjusted. I love this feature!

Watch the video to learn more about Miacademy!


For a free limited trial, click HERE or visit them at https://parents.miacademy.co/ to learn more. You can also find them on FACEBOOK

Miacademy is currently offering some really great launch specials  ranging from monthly subscriptions to lifetime memberships. These prices are subject to change, so now would be a good time to take advantage of the discounted memberships. If you try the service and decide that it is just not a good fit for you and your family, Miacademy does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 
If you have any questions at all, an instant chat option is available or you can contact them by email or phone if those are better options for you. 

I hope you enjoy Miacademy as much as we have. Feel free to comment with any questions! If you have already experienced the site for yourself, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. 

Thanks for reading!