Homeschool Planet Planner Review


Thanks to Home & School Mosaics and Homeschool Buyers Co-op I have had opportunity over the past few months to review Homeschool Planet. I have to say, this is THE most thorough planner I have ever used. There are so many things that I like about it that I really do not know where to begin.

For starters, take a video tour of the planner by watching the video below.

Some of my favorite things about this planner:

The ability to add multiple family members to the planner. I currently have 6 family members on the account. I love that I have the option to view each family member separately on the calendar, or to view all at once. That's not all though! Options can be filtered to include only certain classes and activities for each person. There is also the option to have a daily or weekly digest of student activities sent via email or text message. Several of us are not big on checking our email (and I have thousands of unread emails to attest to that fact- YIKES!) so having the option to send the digests via text is a major bonus! Also, I currently have 3 homeschool high schoolers. I tend to be a bit undisciplined when it comes to keeping track of everything that I need to as far as transcripts go. I've tried other programs but, for one reason or another, they just end up not working for my needs. Homeschool Planet is so simple to use, and everything from transcripts, to grades, to class hours and more, are all available at the touch of a button.

There are so many little touches to the planner that I've really become spoiled and cannot imagine using any other online planner. I really have a thing for widgets and my planner is full of them. Currently, I have the following widgets:

Message: This gives me the option to send a text message to anyone set up in my planner if their cell phone number is added. <3

Lookup: Gives me the option to search right from the planner!
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Web Search
Daily Quote: Quote of the day- “My mind's my kingdom.Francis Quarles
Daily Bible Verse: Currently there are 18 different Bible versions to choose from. I really appreciate the fact that the KJV is one of these choices.

Shopping List: How cool is this!?! The list can either be printed out OR sent via text to anybody set up in the planner with an added cell phone number. This is one of those nice, extra added touches that I really appreciate. It is really convenient to be able to message one of the kids (or myself) as a reminder of supplies needed for certain assignments or projects. Everything is literally all in one place with this planner and it is so easy to keep organized and on top of things.

Weather: Great widget to have when planning outdoor activities or travel.

To Do: I always have way too many "to do" lists and inevitably, I end up losing a few. This way, I keep them all in one place and once again, there is the awesome option to text message the list.

The planner allows children to sign in separately, view their assignments, and check them off when completed. It also offers calendar sharing, lesson copying, automatic rescheduling of classes and assignments if not marked as completed, and SO MUCH MORE!

Currently, the planner does not really have a whole lot of "themes" or color options to choose from and that is one of the only things that I am not crazy about. I know that really is not a huge deal, so it's something I overlook because I love everything else about it. I will be thrilled if they add a few (or a ton) of new themes though. It would also be nice to have a Homeschool Planet app for smart phones. I have 3G on my iPhone and most of the time, I have issues when accessing any website when I'm not on wifi, but my apps work. So, that would be a nice option to have sometime in the future.

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Try Homeschool Planet FREE for 30 days! If you decide to subscribe after the free trial, you'll pay only $65/year or $6.95/month, and they'll add 365 days to your subscription! This planner is well worth every penny!