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Thanks to FlyBy Promotions, I had the opportunity to review "Wisdomantics", an interactive DVD board game. I really do not like posting less than positive reviews, but I am going to be honest and tell you up front that this game was not a good fit for my family. In all fairness, between the time I received the game and the time this review was due to be posted, I had 2 days in which to play and review the game and during those two days my family was (and still is) suffering from the flu. Please take the time to read my review though, as it could turn out to be the "best game ever" for you and yours!

About the game:
Requires 2-4 players, ages 12 and up.

Wisdomantics is an interactive DVD board game that helps test your knowledge of King Solomon's proverbs, utilizing the New King James Version of the Bible and can be played by followers of various faiths. The game consists of 2 interactive DVDs (double-sided) containing 400 questions, score cards, blessing cards, advancement cards, colored tiles, the game board, and directions, game piece, and question card. 

Directions on how to play the game can also be found on their website here

Learn more about the game by watching the video here:

What we thought about the game:

My six year old seemed to enjoy the game more than the rest of us but even he did not like the voice of "King Solomon". I knew ahead of time that the game was the NEW King James Version, rather than the KJV that we use so some of the verses were a bit different as we knew them. That really did not seem to be too much of an issue. There was an error in the wording of one of the questions (incorrectly inserting the word "the" before the word we were supposed to fill in) which caused us all to incorrectly guess the answer. Another thing none of us liked was that the arrows did not line up with the choices of A,B,C,D as pictured below.

This just made it a bit confusing as we kept wanting to press the wrong arrow at times. 
I did like that the game pieces were bigger and easy to handle to move around the board and it was exciting to be competitive trying to get the colored tiles in order to be the first to complete the temple score card. The RESTORATION and GRACE/MERCY cards were a nice aspect to the game as were the "blessing" cards. I found myself thinking of my blessings each time I took one of the cards. It was certainly a blessing being able to sit around with my kids playing a game, laughing and enjoying our time together. (We were laughing because King Solomon reminded us of one of the FP Rescue Heroes.) Even though the game is intended for 12+, if a child can read and knows scripture, he can play.

I prefer games that don't take forever to play, and this game just seemed drawn out to me but if you enjoy longer games (such as Monolopy) then you may enjoy this one. The next time we play, we may forgo the actual board part of the game and just use a tally sheet to keep score while using the DVD with the Bible verses. 

All in all, really, a game that reinforces learning the Word of God and hiding His word in one's heart can never really be a waste of time. I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is causing this to be a bad fit for us, but I think it is just several things put together. We would really enjoy it if actual trivia questions were mixed in with the Bible verses. I do definitely recommend visiting www.wisdomantics.com and checking the game out for yourself. You may just have a new family game night favorite! 

*I apologize for the lack of game play photos but considering we are all ill, none of us were exactly "camera ready".