Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. & ASTHMA TOO- An interview with Danielle & iTunes GIVEAWAY!


Many of you have read my previous posts about my cousin's charity, Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. Earlier this year, "& Asthma Too" was added to the name of the organization in recognition of my little cousin Danielle, who has asthma. 

Meet 7 year old Danielle:

Hundreds of children with asthma and epilepsy have received gift bags containing various items such as stuffed animals, medical bracelets, books, and more through the work of Danielle, Jamie, and other Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. & Asthma Too volunteers. Danielle loves to make others happy, and has a very giving heart. In the future, she would like to make a greater impact with children who have asthma. I would like to dedicate this post to her and to help all of you get to know her better! (Danielle and I have a little giveaway for readers to enter after her interview. )

About Danielle, written by her mother Judy:

"Danielle was born in 2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii and had to be taken via emergency c-section due to placenta previa and no amniotic fluid.  She had trouble breathing and was immediately taken away upon birth and kept in the NICU for 10 days.
Right before her first birthday in 2008, she had her first asthma attack.  On Halloween 2008, she contracted a cold while trick or treating that landed her in the hospital for the first time.  She was given too much albuterol at the Army hospital in Augusta, Georgia while waiting to be transported to Savannah.  The transport team gave her too much IV fluid to lower her heart rate and by the time she arrived at the Children's Hospital of Savannah, her lung was collapsing and her heart and lungs were saturated.  They intubated her and told us to expect the worse as they had no idea why she crashed so rapidly and didn't know how to treat her.  Every specialist was called in to examine her but nothing turned up.  She had a bronchoscopy which is a procedure during which an examiner uses a viewing tube to evaluate a patient's lung and airways including the voice box and vocal cord, trachea, and many branches of bronchi. Bronchoscopy is usually performed by a pulmonologist or a thoracic surgeon. Although a bronchoscope does not allow for direct viewing and inspection of the lung tissue itself, samples of the lung tissue can be biopsied through the bronchoscope for examination in the laboratory.  Nothing turned up from that.  After seven days, she pulled out of it and the doctors had no idea why or how.
After that, every cold she contracted resulted in hospitalizations and since her sister kept bringing home colds, I decided to homeschool.  Danielle has been hospitalized and/or trips to the ER over 20 times.  Her last cold was November 2012 that only required several trips to the doctor and one trip to the ER.  It was the second time she did not require a hospitalization.  The key to keeping her out of the hospital was receiving the rescue medication in the form of predisone which is a steriod.  Her pulmonologist also feels she will continue to fight colds better as she grows and her lungs develop.  She does react to the seasonal changes with red eyes and stuffed/runny noses but it does not affect her breathing."  

(Please continuing reading! The giveaway is after the interview. )

My interview with Danielle:

How long have you had asthma?.
Right before I turned one in June 2008

What is the scariest part of having asthma?
When I get sick, I probably will have to go to the hospital and get poked with needles.

How do you deal with being scared?
Sometimes when I cry, it helps.  It has been awhile since I was last sick with a cold.

What kind of things cause you to have an asthma attack?
Colds, cigarette smoke and dog and cat fur.

What happens to you when you have an asthma attack?
When I get a cold my nose runs, my eyes water and I have trouble breathing.  I get a bad cough.

Do you take medicine to prevent attacks and to help control your asthma?
Yes, I take daily doses of Flovent and Singulair.  When I have an attack, my mom gives me a steroid and albuterol. 

How long do your asthma attacks last?
The attacks usually are immediate but the effects can last for a couple of months. My mom has to give me albuterol every four hours for as long as the cold lasts.

Because you have to stay away from people who are sick, is this hard for you?

Do you feel you miss out on a lot of things?
Yes. I don't get to go to school and I sometimes don't get to go to things if there are sick people there. I also have to walk by people who are smoking fast as it causes my breathing problems.

If you didn't have asthma, what is one thing you would do or go?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a author. (Danielle wants to write a book about her own experiences with asthma!)

Biggest pet peeves?
People smoking in public places and those who are sick not caring if they contaminate others.

What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is cheese cake
My favorite color is light blue. 
My favorite hobby is writing storys. 
My favorite animal is a puppy.
My favorite movie is Mr. Magorium's Magical Wonder Emporium. 
My favorite toy is Barbie. 
My favorite song is Shake It Off by Taylor Swift.

I want to thank Danielle for letting me feature her on my blog. Having asthma is not fun, yet she has not let it get her down. She constantly has to be aware of her surroundings in order to keep her asthma under control. Having asthma myself, I know how difficult this can be. Just walking past the perfume counter in a department store or getting a whiff of cigarette smoke can cause me to have to immediately use my rescue inhaler. Many people don't realize how serious asthma can be but if not managed properly, it can lead to death. Asthma is actually the third leading cause of hospitalization in children under 15. Learn more about these facts and others at  

Visit for more information about this wonderful charity that delivers smiles to kids! 

Now for the giveaway! Danielle and I would like to give my readers a chance to win a $10 iTunes e-gift card to download Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" or any other songs of your choice! Please enter by using the Rafflecopter form below!

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latanya t said...

Asthma is actually the third leading cause of hospitalization in children under 15.

Jackie said...

I learned that Danielle is a beautiful, smart girl! I think it would be wonderful if she became an author and wrote a book about her experiences. It would help other children to realize that they are not alone.

laborders2000 said...

What a sweet story. Sound slike we both have alot in common--I love Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Taylor Swift's Shake It Off song, cheesecake, and so much more!

Cheryl said...

I learned that Danielle doesn't like smoking.

Audra O'Hara said...

I learned she doesn't get to go to school, but would like to. That makes my heart break. I never thought about how people smoking in public places could be so hazardous to others.