New A&E Series DOGS OF WAR Premiering November 11

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I recently had the opportunity to pre-screen the premier episode of A&E's DOGS OF WAR. Honestly, I thought it was something I wouldn't be very interested in because really, who needs yet another reality tv show? However, just minutes into the program, I felt myself being pulled in. 

About the show:

'DOGS OF WAR spotlights combat veteran Jim Stanek, who returns home struggling with PTSD. He looks into getting a service dog to help him heal, only to discover how expensive they are, and how long the wait to be paired with one is. So he starts his own nonprofit to rescue dogs from kill shelters, train them as service dogs and partner them with struggling veterans at little or no cost.'

Jim Stanek really cares about the veterans he is trying to help and it shows. I love how his wife is involved with the program and how she sort of takes the spouses under her wing to help them regain control of their life as well. Seeing the service dog bond with the veteran and become part of the family is heartwarming. I think that this is one reality show worth watching! 

The show premieres on A&E Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 10PM ET/PT and then moves to Sundays at 10PM ET/PT beginning Nov. 16.

Watch the trailer:

Thank you to ALL of our Veterans, past and present, for your service and sacrifice.