Gimme Shelter - In Theaters January 24th

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Rated PG-13

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser, James Earl Jones, Ann Dowd, Dascha Polanco

Based on a true story, this independent film stars Vanessa Hudgens as "Apple" (I didn't even recognize her!), a 16 year old girl passed from one foster home to another and back again to her drug addicted mother (played by Rosario Dawson). She finally decides she's had enough and runs away to New Jersey to find the father she's never even seen (Brendan Fraser). Once she finds him, things don't turn out exactly like she planned and she finds herself pregnant and on the streets. After a series of trials that would break most of us, Apple perseveres and finds love and hope in the midst of a new found family. This story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. I'm not used to Brendan Fraser playing serious roles like this and I couldn't quite get used to it but he still did a pretty good job. Hudgens and Dawson really got into the roles and played them well and James Earl Jones was, well...James Earl Jones! 

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Watch Gimme Shelter in theaters starting January 24, 2014.

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