Charity- When Good Deeds Go Bad

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Angels4Epilepsy & Asthma Too is a non-profit charity that was started in April 2010, by a then 7 year old little girl named Jamie, and her mother Judy. These wonderful ladies are my cousins and I count myself blessed to be a part of this wonderful organization that helps deliver smiles to kids who need them. 

Jamie was diagnosed with BRE at age 5. It was a very scary time for her and her family. Her little sister Dani has an undiagnosed respiratory condition and has been hospitalized herself too many times. These little girls KNOW what it's like to be poked and prodded, to have blood drawn over and over again, to be hooked up to i.v.'s and machines, to have to sleep in a bed that's not their own...They KNOW what other little kids go through and they want to make a difference no matter how small. 

Before winning two Pepsi grants, these little girls saved their Happy Meal toys for goody bags as well as using their own allowance to purchase items for the goody bags and buying food to donate to the Ronald McDonald House and local shelter. 

Below is a map of all the deliveries that were made possible by Angels4Epilepsy & Asthma Too. 


Isn't it AWESOME what these two little girls have done? I sure think so. I think if a 10 and 6 year old can be this caring and giving, then even if they aren't asking for the credit, it should be due them. I don't think that an adult should take credit for items paid for and donated by Angels4Epilepsy, (to another organization even...) and pass them off as being their own personal donation. When somebody thanks you, don't just say "You're so welcome" and leave it at that. Go ahead, tell them they're "welcome" but tell them that the gift was made possible by two little girls who have a heart for helping other kids. And when you're done doing that, pass the thanks along to them so they can know their gift is going to good use. 
I also don't think an adult should be paid for a service or goods and then pass those goods off as having been their own personal donation. Yeah, maybe you are helping the organization out by providing these goods or services at a "discounted" (cough, cough) price but you are still being PAID to do so. Don't try to win contests or awards or toot your own horn by riding on the coat tails of two little girls who are doing it from their heart, not for recognition like you.  

If I seem a bit upset, it's because I am. I really find it despicable that anybody can take such a good deed like this and turn it into something bad, to be used for their own profit and benefit. So, do me a favor, if you see a child trying to do good and make a difference in the life of another child, give them a pat on the back. They might not be asking for it, but they need to know that their good deeds are making a difference so go ahead - let them know!

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