LeapFrog Paper-Based Learning Products by MEGA Brands- Review

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LeapFrog has long been a familiar name here at our house, and a brand frequently purchased. I did not know, however, that Mega Brands (maker of another of our favorites- Mega Bloks) partnered with LeapFrog and has made available an entire line of PAPER-BASED learning products! As a homeschooling mother of 5 children, this excited me! A lot! 

Before I go any further, I would like to point out that LeapFrog products by MEGA Brands are not found in the toy aisle where the electronic products are located. In most cases, they are in the STATIONERY or CRAFT aisles at major retailers such as Target and Walmart and the craft stores Michael's and Joann's. At Target, some LeapFrog educational products may occasionally be found in the $1 section of the store and I've also heard that some stores have included the products in their back to school displays. Prices range from $0.99 to $24.99 with most costing under $5. 

The products that we received to review were a huge hit! 

Currently available on Amazon for $5.79.
Mr. B, studying the flash cards.

I really like these flash cards. As you can see in the photo, the top right corner is a cut corner which makes for easy sorting and handling. The deck has 55 cards and is divided into two sets. The uppercase has a dark green border and the lowercase has a light green border. The illustrations and colors used are another of my favorite features! My son and daughter (5 and 3 y.o.) LOVED these flash cards and the illustrations that corresponded with each letter of the alphabet were not only fun to look at, but helped them with the letters when they were stuck on one. They also seem to be pretty sturdy, which is a great thing when there is a 3 year old around!

$8.42 on Amazon

Mr. B coloring a path of squares to help
Tad get to the yellow star.

This was definitely a huge hit! While we have several dry erase boards, we didn't have anything like this.  Activities like matching sets, what's different, and what's the same were "just right"- not too difficult but challenging at the same time. The washable dry erase marker was the perfect size for little hands. My only "complaints" are that we kept misplacing the cap (which also has a small eraser on the end) because it wouldn't fit on the end of the marker and that the lettering on the marker has already worn off. 

Miss C coloring the squares too.
Currently $7.20 on Amazon.

The Colors, Shapes & Numbers dry erase practice includes 16 reuseable dry erase pages with a built in lap board. Activities help children to practice concepts like counting, grouping, letter formation, patterns and identifying shapes. Perfect for Pre-K and K! My son has some difficulty with writing, especially with a pencil, but using the marker on the dry erase board and having the guide lines was very beneficial to him and frustration free. I can see this getting A LOT of use! 

$3.88 on Amazon.
The Kindergarten Skills workbook includes 60 pages with 60 cute reward stickers (featuring whales, sun, clouds and more) with encouraging words such as "Bravo", "Terrific", "Awesome" and "Good Job", as well as others. Miss C didn't want to put this book down. She really enjoyed the coloring and line tracing while Mr. B liked practicing tracing and writing his letters and working on patterns (something he is really into right now). 

 $8.42 on Amazon.
This Creative Journal, with spiral binding, is for grades 2-3 and includes 80 pages of story writing and drawing space as well as story prompt ideas and 88 stickers. The primary rule is really too small for my younger ones who are just learning to write so we are using this journal together with me doing most of the writing and the two of them doing the drawings. I do think this would be better suited to an older child and provide a fun way to practice language skills.

The journal pictured below is not one that I received to review, but is on my Back To School list. It also has 80 pages and includes stickers but contains large ruled sheets which would be more appropriate for my younger learners. I'm hoping to find one at my local Target, but if not, I know I can purchase it from Amazon. 

Every teacher needs some charts, reward stickers, and certificates, right? I confess, I have a hoard of them. Some are just too cute to pass up. 
$11.14 on Amazon.
These would fall into that category. The Weekly Performance Charts are perfect for setting goals and tracking weekly progress at a glance, the generic "You Did It!" certificates can be used for acknowledging any achievement, and the stickers are perfect for rewarding anything from good behavior to a job well done. 

The last item that I reviewed was one that nobody in my family really liked - the pencil grips.

$9.19 on Amazon
The price on Amazon seems a bit steep for me for 7 pencil grips, but perhaps they are cheaper at major retailers. While the grips are bright, colorful and sturdy, my youngest to my oldest (as well as myself) had trouble fitting our fingers comfortably into the grooves of the grip no matter how we turned it. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the content and quality of the MEGA Brands LeapFrog paper-based educational material and plan to purchase additional items for our upcoming school year. I am particularly interested in the Dry Erase Crayons as well as some of the other workbooks and dry erase boards for pre-K. 

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If any of you have tried them, I'd love to hear your opinion of the products! 

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