Apologia: "How Do We Know God is Really There?" Book Review

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Written by: Melissa Cain Travis
Illustrated by: Christopher Voss
ISBN: 978-1-935495-96-3

After taking some time off from my blog and from reviewing products, I was a bit excited (and relieved) that my come-back review would be something from Apologia! They have NEVER disappointed me and I have quite a few of their products on my bookshelf already. 

This time, I had the honor of reviewing "How Do We Know God is Really There?", a wonderful book that is the first of a new series of picture books designed for children as early as pre-readers. If the other books are anything like this one, I think they will do a wonderful job teaching children about the Christian faith with an understanding that can easily be grasped. 
Mr. B looking through the book by himself.
I read "How Do We Know God is Really There?" to my 3 and 5 year old children. I have to say, I was very surprised when they actually let me read the book to them and didn't interrupt every 5 seconds (which, being the inquisitive little souls that they are, is what they normally do). They were an enraptured audience, for sure, as they sat listening to the story of Thomas and his father and how they shared time alone in a tree house that they built together, just talking and watching the skies through a telescope. The relationship between father and son is touching.

Mr. B had many questions at the end of the story, some of which made me laugh. My favorite was, "Momma, can you really drive a race car on the rings of Saturn?" 

The illustrations by Christopher Voss are literally out of this world and pair perfectly with the story written by Melissa Cain Travis. My son's favorite question is "why?", and sometimes, I just don't have the answer. Usually, he will ask me to look it up on my computer because, the answers "Just Because" or even "Because the Bible says so," just doesn't cut it anymore. Travis and Voss do a WONDERFUL job in helping to explain "why" to my curious one and honestly, it is the best explanation I've seen yet. 

The one and only "con" for me is that scripture quotations are from the NIV. While not a huge deal, we do prefer the KJV 1611.

If you are interested in learning more about this book, visit the Apologia website and view sample pages here. This will open a pdf file containing 11 pages.

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