Smiley360 Splenda Nectresse Review

Thanks to Smiley360, I had the chance to review Nectresse - the NEW natural, no calorie sweetener from Splenda! Made from Monk Fruit (a little green melon grown in remote mountain regions), one packet of Nectresse provides the sweetness of 2 teaspoonsful of sugar but without the calories. It is also gluten free! 

When I heard that Nectresse was "100% natural" and made from fruit, I was very excited to try it out. I get almost instantaneous intense headaches whenever I eat or drink anything made with artificial sweeteners so I usually stick with refined sugar, pure cane sugar, or honey (from our bees).  I have tried other natural sweeteners made from plants, but found that while great in cold beverages & cereals, they didn't measure up when used in baking or hot tea. Not so with Splenda Nectresse! I tried it out in a coffee cake (pictured below) and the results were wonderful! The recipe called for part brown sugar and part honey. Since we haven't harvested our honey yet, I used half brown sugar and 1/4 Nectresse. It tasted sweet, but not too sweet, and had absolutely no after taste at all!

Nectresse is more granulated than other natural sweeteners I've tried and tastes very much like sugar. I've talked with some of the people whom I have shared the samples with and the feedback has been awesome. Those who have tried it in their coffee and tea (hot or cold) couldn't taste the sweetener at all, just the beverage. It dissolves better than sugar, in my opinion, and less is needed! 

My dad is diabetic, but doesn't like using artificial sweeteners either. I'm still waiting to see what he thinks about Nectresse, but I'm sure he'll love it! He misses out on a lot of holiday goodies due to the sugar content in the recipes so I am really looking forward to baking some Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies for him using the Splenda Nectresse!

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