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From birth to age 7, Music Together is an internationally recognized music program based on the concept that all children are musical. Their philosophy is that young children learn best when taught by the parent, teacher, or caregiver that is actively making music and participating in spontaneous musical activity at home.  

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I have been reviewing the award winning Music Together Family Favorites CD & Songbook Combo for several weeks now. 


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My experience with the Music Together music curriculum:

It took several tries to get my 4 & 1/2 year old son to even pay attention to the songs or the music. We started out by playing the songs from the songbook on my piano. Mr. B just wanted me to hurry up and finish so he could do something else. My 2 year old was a bit more interested as she likes to sit next to my on the piano bench while I play. But, it wasn't long before she tired of the music as well. A couple of days later, I put the music CD in our player in the living room. It wasn't exactly a hit and my son kept asking me to turn it off. I decided to wait a few more days before trying it again. When I did, I chose a different time of day for our music time and I took a different approach this time. I made a big deal out of the shakers we made (with empty bottles and rice) for a few minutes prior to starting the CD. My 2 year old was very excited and couldn't wait for the music to start. She liked hearing her name used in the "Hello Song" but her absolute favorite is the "Biddy Biddy" song (as you can see from the picture below!).

She had a few others that she wanted to listen to over and over again like the "Stick Tune", "Ridin' in the Car", and "Dancing with Teddy" but there were also some songs that scared her. My son briefly became interested when he saw that Baby C had "drum sticks" (actually, they were chopsticks but they served their purpose well) but he soon lost interest.

My 2 year old, with her shoes on the wrong feet, having fun with the "Stick Tune".

I have kept trying to entice my son to join in on the fun, but I have just about come to the conclusion that this program just isn't for him. The more my daughter hears the songs, the more she seems to like them and she never tires of beating the sticks on things. Since using this curriculum, I have noticed her singing around the house more, humming, making nonsense verses up while she is singing, and playing "music" on things. She still tends to like the same songs and wants me to skip over others (especially the "One Little Owl" song). I plan on continuing to use this CD for our music time once or twice a week for the time being, and will play it by ear as to how long we will keep it up. 

I think that this program has excellent potential for children and families with special needs as it allows the student to participate at their own level and to do as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. 

You can find Music Together on Facebook! If you need more information or have questions, visit their website at, call them at 800-728-2692 or write to them:

Music Together
66 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08542