Ghost Buddy #2- Mind If I Read Your Mind? ~Book Review

Until recently, I had no idea that Henry Winkler (best-known for his acting role as "the Fonz" on Happy Days) was a Best-Selling author or that he even wrote children's book at all. The new Ghost Buddy series follows the popular Hank Zipzer series, which was inspired by Mr. Winkler's own true life experiences, and are both co-authored by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver


It's time for Moorepark Middle School's annual Speak Out Challenge, and Billy Broccoli thinks he's got it made. With his best friend Hoover Porterhouse—the ghost with the most—by his side, Billy’s got the competition in the bag. Who wouldn't vote for a demonstration on mind reading?

But when Billy lands a spot on the sixth-grade team, he starts spending more time with his new teammates than he does with Hoover. And the Hoove plays second fiddle to no one! If Billy's not careful, his secret weapon might just vanish into thin air, leaving Billy to pick up the pieces of a demonstration-day disaster!”   

I found both Ghost Buddy #1 - Zero to Hero and Ghost Buddy #2 Mind If I Read Your Mind to be funny and entertaining with good plots and interesting characters. Who wouldn't love a main character by the name of Billy Broccoli? I liked how some important issues were addressed (such as bullying, honesty, and friendship to name a few) and the manner in which the problems and issues were resolved. Winkler and Oliver make a wonderful writing team!

The books in this series are written for ages 8-12 and the Teacher's Guide is geared towards grades 3-7. This surprised me a bit as I felt the Ghost Buddy series was written more for 7 to 10 year old children. Neither of my 12 year old twins were interested in reading the books, but they are exactly the kind of fiction they would have loved when they were 9 or 10 years old. 

If you are looking for a good read for your child, I definitely recommend checking this series out! More titles are coming in 2013!