Family Time Fitness Review

I know this sounds bad, but physical exercise is not something that I really think about. Having fibromyalgia myself, I'm not very active although I do go through phases of walking several miles daily on my treadmill and on occasion, I will take a walk down the road with two of my younger children. One of my twins plays softball in the spring and loves to ride her bike and once in a while, her brother will get out there with her but for the most part he is not very active. My two littlest ones play outside, doing things that most 2 and 4 year olds do and they love to go to the park. That is as structured as we get. Now, my oldest daughter (who is 14) is another story. She LOVES physical activity. When my treadmill is not being used as a clothes rack, she will jog on it. She does ballet, pilates, yoga, loves riding her brand new bike, walks or jogs around the track at the park, and I'm sure I'm still leaving something out! 
My daughter jumping rope in her sock feet.

It wasn't until I received the Fitness 4 Homeschool - Core 1 Physical Education K-8 Curriculum that I really thought about the fact that no matter how much unstructured physical activity my children were getting, there were still muscles not getting the workout that they needed to keep their bodies strong and healthy and about how it might affect their attitude about exercise as they grow older. 

I also did not realize the full extent of the benefits of exercise on brain activity! Wow!

Family Time Fitness is offering this award winning curriculum for the new web price of $57.00 and includes:

  • Start-up guide
  • PDF lesson plans
  • Video demonstrations
  • Assessment tools
  • Reminder emails
  • Lifetime curriculum and video updates
  • Access to online webinars
  • Certificates of completion
You can also upgrade to their Platinum Package, the best value, which is $137.00.

Each of the 260 lessons are professionally planned and provide about 30-45 minutes of physical activity. A list of equipment needed is included in each lesson along with the video demonstrations which allowed me to prepare for the lesson the night before. If I wanted to access the videos, I had to do so from my laptop because PDF  links are not clickable on my Kindle Fire but I loved having the lesson portability. Even though the activities are explained in detail, there were several that I just wasn't sure about, and the videos really came in handy! One of the other great things about this curriculum is that each lesson includes the Warm-Up, Cool Down, and other suggested outdoor activities as well as the main activity and it can be used for the entire family! It is a very well-rounded program and one that we actually enjoy!

The lessons require simple equipment such as bean bags, a jump rope, hula hoops, playground balls, foam balls, cones, a measuring tape, a stop watch, and an optional exercise mat. We already had many of these things on hand and some of the items can be substituted with alternatives. A one page summary is included at the end of each 20 lesson module which can be printed off and used as a guide for each lesson, rather than having to print out the entire 900+ pages of lesson plans. This does not replace the lesson, but it's great to have to take with you to the park or wherever you are going, without having to take your electronic device with you. I actually have the summary for the first 20 lessons in my purse! 

Even though the Core 1 curriculum is intended for K-8th grade and ages 5-13, my littlest one who is 2 was able to do many of the activities and had a blast being included. She especially loved the "frog squats" (and added her own little touch to the exercise by yelling RIBBIT when she would come to a standing position). She wasn't able to do the full 3 sets, but that's ok- neither was I! 

Here is a video clip of Mr. B (my 4 year old) doing his version of "Jump the River" from Lesson 1. 

Many of the exercises are ones I remember from my own youth. I still laugh when I think about chasing my friends around the gym floor while doing the "Crab Walk" and who doesn't remember playing "Musical Statues"? These are some of my children's favorites as well.

As I am preparing for Lesson 11 (which we will be doing tomorrow), I see that the "Crab Walk" is once again part of the lesson! I'm thinking the lesson will have to be modified a bit since it will need to be done indoors as it's been raining here for the past couple of days and it will probably still be a nice muddy mess outside. Lesson 11 skills are mobility, balance, coordination, rhythm, flexibility, strength, agility, and running. I think most of those can be performed indoors except for the running (NO running in the house!) so we'll see how it goes. 

The Physical Fitness Assessment Tracking form is nice to have to see how my kid's skills have improved over time, but honestly I tend to forget about it. The printable calendars are not something I use much of either, as I already have a couple of other planners, lists, and programs that I use but I have used the Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List printables. I think it's great that these additional nutritional tools are included and while I have yet to use the Nutrition Log, it's nice to know it is there if I need it!

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