#GettingGutzy with Gutzy Gear- Review

Oh my Gutzy gracious! These things are so cool! If you have never heard of Gutzy Gear, you "gotta go Gutzy" now! 

So, just WHAT is Gutzy Gear? Gutzies are totally cool removable patches that stick to a Gutzy strap cover. Use them on backpacks, duffles, messenger bags, and more. 

Here are a few pictures of some of the Gutzy Gear I received for my party:

Gutzies $4.99-$5.99

I also received fun party ideas, recipes and games such as Gutzy Bingo! The games especially were a big hit.

I had intended on hosting my Gutzy party here in my home, but when I had the opportunity to visit friends and family in Indiana, we took the party with us! Ten kids (and their parents) had a blast with a Gutzy Pool & Pizza party. While most of the kids weren't excited about going back to school, they were excited about being able to go back in style!  Ranging in age from 2 to 14, all the kids loved the Gutzy Gear. The paw print and puppy were a hit with the younger kids while the older ones preferred the hearts, flowers, guitar, and food patches. They are all so cute! Each one also has a tiny "G" somewhere on them as well and the kids enjoyed looking for it on each Gutzies. 

Party-goers holding up some of their Gutzy Gear.

No matter what your personality or style, there's a Gutzies for you! 
These are just a few of the Gutzies available for purchase. 

Gutzy straps are super-easy to put on. Just wrap them around the backpack strap (or whatever else you are attaching them to) and the strong velcro will hold them in place.

Stick the Gutzies on the strap. The velcro holds strong so there is no reason to worry about them falling off, but they are easy to remove when you need to!

How cute is that!?!

Gutzies are great to trade and Gutzy Gear even has a couple of neat ways to store them such as the Gutzy Gear Collector Book which holds over 200 Gutzies & the Gutzy to Go Door Hanger that holds over 50 Gutzies! They also carry a Visor and Hat as another awesomely cool way to show off your Gutzy Gear.

Right now until September 7th, visit www.facebook.com/gutzygear  and
tell them how you Go Gutzy for a chance to win a Toys R' Us gift cards. Prizes are:
• 1 $500 gift card
• 10 $100 gift cards
• 20 $75 gift cards
• 30 $50 gift cards
• 40 $25 gift cards

So what are you waiting for? Go Gutzy!!!

Thanks to MomSelect and Gutzy Gear for allowing me to host this Gutzy Gear party!