Don't Touch the Peelies!

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Poise liners had the "Try me free" peelies on specially displayed packages. I searched up and down the aisle where this product should have been in my local Kroger store. I finally just gave up.

After a quick trip there and back to Indiana, we stopped in this same Kroger store to pick up some baking supplies - one of them being butter sticks. These are right next to the several aisles of wine and other alcoholic beverages. Guess what I finally found? Yep, the Poise liners. I couldn't help but laugh but I still wondered why in the world were they displayed THERE?

Then, I discovered that somebody had removed every single FREE coupon peelie from all 50+ packages and wondered to myself why in the world somebody would be that greedy. It's couponers like those who give people who use coupons a bad name. Grrrr......

But, I'm still sitting here wondering what the logic was in sticking the display case near the wine!