Apologia - I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist ~Review

Apologia is a company known for providing outstanding Biblical worldview products and resources to homeschooling families. I have had the privilege of reviewing several of these products, the most recent being the book, I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, written by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek.

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Together with the companion study I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist workbook (which I also received for review), this is Apologia's first apologetics curriculum for high school students. 

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The purpose of the study is to help the reader understand the critical points about Christianity and the other two worldviews presented in this book - Pantheism & Atheism and to remember them as well.


The workbook contains 4 sections in each chapter: Hook (which is sort of a warm-up), Book (further discusses specific issues and tests your knowledge), Look (research assignments & other suggested activities), and Took (summarizes and helps the reader to apply the concepts). Including the Glossary, it is 279 pages! Answers to the questions in this study can be found online at www.apologia.com/bookextras and is free with the purchase of this curriculum. Downloadable tests are also available for each chapter in the book and are also free with this curriculum purchase. 

The writers guide the reader through the arguments and evidence typically presented, sharing their personal stories along with scientific evidence along the way. The workbook further helps the student to thoroughly understand the evidence and to really *know* why they believe what they do. 

It is recommended to take about 2-3 weeks to read each chapter and to complete the accompanying study questions. Following that schedule, the course should take less than 9 months to complete. 

What did I think of the book and workbook? While this book is written with high school students in mind, I found myself rereading sections to grasp the full meaning of what the writers were trying to convey. I felt like a lot of what I read was written more for adults but that's not to say that your average high school student shouldn't use the study as well. I've been dealing with migraines for quite some time now, and  since this is the type of book that really delves into the heart of the matter, and most certainly cannot be considered "light reading", I'm not sure how much of my issue is with the headache and how much is really with the way the book is written. 

I know that 1 Peter 3:15 tells us:

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"

After reading the several chapters that I have, and completing the corresponding workbook chapters, there is no doubt in my mind that this study will prepare you to always be ready to give an answer and will teach you to incorporate the arguments and evidence into your daily every day life and to make it more real to you than it's ever been before. I feel like it is the perfect book for both the Christian who wants to be more grounded in their faith and the skeptic as well. 

So far, I think what has had the most impact on me are the

“The Twelve Points That Show Christianity Is True.” 

The book generally will follow the logical, 12-point progression as follows to the conclusion that the Bible is the Word of God:
1. Truth about reality is knowable.
2. The opposite of true is false.
3. It is true that the theistic God exists. This is evidenced by the:
a. Beginning of the universe (Cosmological Argument)
b.  Design of the universe (Teleological Argument/
Anthropic Principle)
c. Design of life (Teleological Argument)
d. Moral Law (Moral Argument)
4. If God exists, then miracles are possible.
5.  Miracles can be used to confirm a message from God (i.e., 
as acts of God to confirm a word from God).
6.  The New Testament is historically reliable. This is evidenced 
a. Early testimony
b. Eyewitness testimony
c. Uninvented (authentic) testimony
d. Eyewitnesses who were not deceived
7. The New Testament says Jesus claimed to be God.
8. Jesus’ claim to be God was miraculously confirmed by:
a. His fulfillment of many prophecies about himself;
b. His sinless life and miraculous deeds;
c. His prediction and accomplishment of his resurrection.
9. Therefore, Jesus is God.

10. Whatever Jesus (who is God) teaches is true.
11. Jesus taught that the Bible is the Word of God.
12.  Therefore, it is true that the Bible is the Word of God (and 
anything opposed to it is false).

These are points that are discussed and justified by evidence throughout the book. I've never seen it so simplified before, which is why I think it had such an impact on me personally. After reading this book, you will have no doubt why it takes more faith to believe in nothing at all!

I am actually looking forward to completing this study and sharing it with my older children so that they too can be better grounded in their faith and be prepared to give answer. Definitely a must-have for the Christian homeschool library. I plan on posting updates as I work through the book and workbook. This is such a great thought-provoking study and as such, is not something that one just breezes through.

While not the greatest photo, this is some of my workbook work from Chapter 1. I thought having to work on vocabulary words would be tedious, but I found myself enjoying going back to the book and searching for the answers I didn't already know off-hand. The "Questions that Grab Your Mind" sections, do exactly that. They place hold, and really make you think. Take the "Hook" question from Chapter 3 for example. It asks "Why is it important to know all we can about the origin of the universe? How will knowing how the universe came about change the way you live right now?" As a Christian, I believe we were created by God and created for a reason. Sometimes, as a Christian, I take for granted what I believe about creation and my role here on earth. Reading this book has whet my appetite to search for a better grounded scientific reason as to why I believe the way I do and has given me more confidence to explain why I believe that way. I feel God working on me through the reading of this book, and I can't wait to see the end results!

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