One of Those Kodak Moments

There are some moments that are just too special to be forgotten. Camera, or no camera, the mind's eye takes a picture and then embeds it into your heart. This past Sunday, while at church, I experienced one of those moments. It was funny, embarrassing, and sweet all rolled into one.

I was sitting at the piano, waiting to play for the offering. Our Pastor was talking, reminding the congregation of upcoming activities and prayer requests and out of the corner of my eye, I see my 2 year old and my 4 year old come out into the aisle from the pew where they were supposed to be sitting with their dad. My son returned to his seat. My daughter just kept moseying on up the aisle, with her baby doll tucked under her arm, until she reached the pulpit. Our Pastor then held his hand out to her to help her up the two stairs and once up, she proceeded to walk over to me and handed me her doll. Needless to say, everybody who could see what was going on was laughing and everybody else was trying to figure out what was so funny. I'm sure I turned 5 shades of red!

She is the first of my 5 children to ever do that. After church, my husband told me that she kept telling him, "I want Mama. I want Mama." I guess she just decided that she was going to get her mama! 

I'll never forget the sweet, innocent look on her face as she was walking towards me. It was also touching hearing my Pastor pause in mid-sentence and watching her take his hand with her chubby 2 year old fingers while he helped her up the steps. Yep...this was definitely a moment!