Family Reunion in Vincennes

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My daughter & niece at the George Rogers Clark Memorial in Vincennes, Indiana. 

This past weekend, the kids and I traveled the 200+ mile journey to my father's hometown of Vincennes, Indiana for a Joyce family reunion. After the potty breaks, stopping for food, a piece of metal falling off the bottom of my van, getting caught in parade traffic and my littlest one throwing up on herself (because I gave her whole milk), the trip that would have taken about 4 & 1/2 hours by myself ended up lasting 6 & 1/2 hours with 5 kids. Actually, 6 if you count my niece riding with us the last hour or so. My Aunt's house never looked so good! I'm sure my parents thought so as well, as they were traveling in a vehicle with no air conditioning in 112 degree heat.

It had been 5 years since my last visit to Vincennes, and almost 15 years since I had seen some of my cousins. Sadly, a lot of the family couldn't make it to the reunion, but I really enjoyed spending time with those who could and looking at all the old pictures that they brought.

A photo of my Grandparents

Baby Girl was so hot!
My dad (on the right) with his twin brother (on the left), and 2 of their older brothers at the reunion.

I am very grateful to my cousin Debbie for letting all 7 of us take over her basement. The older kids had access to wi-fi, a Wii, a HUGE tv, and cable while the younger ones had a blast playing with dump trucks and dolls galore. The basement was also big enough for them to run around and expend some of their bound up energy! Even though I hadn't seen Debbie in over 14 years, she made us feel right at home, and I really appreciated that!
The kids enjoying some down time!

Luckily, the ride home went much smoother than the way there! There was a chance of scattered storms, but we only hit heavy rain for a few minutes while driving through Lawrenceburg, IN. While we had an enjoyable visit, it's true that "there's no place like home" and we were glad to be back. (I do have to say though that I'm looking forward to our next visit! Perhaps by myself next time?) :)