This is one of my biggest pet peeves! There was a truck in the parking space in front of the car that is still parked there and an SUV was in the spot to her right. The lady in the truck loaded up her truck and just left the cart right where you see it. She parked right next to the cart corral! How difficult would it have been to return it? 

Then, the other lady came out to her vehicle, saw the cart next to her SUV, got in and drove off. Seriously? I can't tell you how many dents and scratches my van has from being hit by carts, but there are quite a few. It's annoying.

Why can't people be considerate of others anymore? If you use a cart, please, just return it to the cart corral or the store. And, for the record, we didn't just leave that cart there!


Amanda said...

What a pain, and you know that the people who just leave the carts would be the first to kick up a stink if one dinged their car!