SodaStream Review

Until I received a SodaStream for review, I never understood what all the buzz was about. Now I know, and I wonder why I never tried one sooner! What's so great about it, you might ask? Well, I'll tell you!

For starters, the SodaStream is an "active green" product which means each time you make sparkling water or soda at home, using your own tap water, you are actively reducing your CO2 footprint. By using your own carbonation system, there is less packaging waste from cans and bottles and less pollution caused from transporting the bottled beverages. One SodaStream carbonator makes between 60 and 110 liters (depending on the size) which is the equivalent of 170 to 310 aluminum cans. Once the canister is empty, it can be exchanged for a refilled canister locally or ordered online. 

The SodaStream is very easy to assemble and use. One thing I learned the hard way though, is that when adding the syrup, the bottle of carbonated water must be tilted slightly while slowly pouring the syrup in or it will fizz and overflow all over the place. Of course, it did mention this fact in the directions (that I did read) but I somehow overlooked this important bit of information in the excitement of using it for the first time.

I received the Jet soda maker which features a bi-color space saving design, automatic access gas release mechanism, fits extra large carbonators, has customized carbonation level and easy to clean drip tray. SodaStream offers a wide variety of styles and colors and a 30-day money back guarantee & 2 year manufacturers warranty on all new soda makers.

SodaStream currently carries over 60 varieties of syrups in regular, diet, and caffeine-free options. I am super-sensitive to any artificial sweetener and noticed right off the bat that some of the syrups not listed as "diet" contained a mixture of sugar and Splenda so I opted for the syrups that contained only "pure cane sugar". I absolutely LOVE the cola flavor and went through the bottle in our starter kit in no time. I was happy to learn that a local store carried the syrups, but wasn't thrilled that it cost $9.99 (+ tax) for a bottle that would make only 6 1-liters of soda. I am going to have to look around and see if I can find a better price on the pure cane sugar syrups, but I did notice that the other syrups sold for a more cost effective price of $4.96 and made a considerable amount more soda.

The sparkling water was a huge hit in our household and can provide a great savings over buying bottled water. The MyWater Essence, which is unsweetened, comes in a purse containing three 40ml bottles. Each bottle will make around 20 liters of lightly flavored seltzer or sparkling water. We loved the Lemon-Lime but I am looking forward to trying the Mint as well.

When you order online and order 10 SodaMix bottles, your 10th is FREE! That's a great deal! 

Bottom line? We love our SodaStream and use it frequently throughout the week. I do wish that the starter kit that I received came with two of the plastic 1 liter bottles instead of one and it would be nice if the pure cane sugar syrups were not quite so expensive but other than that, it is a great product with the potential to save us quite a bit of money by making our sodas and sparkling waters at home. Visit them at, FACEBOOK, YouTube, or TWITTER and see for yourself how easy it is to turn plain water into soda in just a matter of seconds!