PlasmaCar Review

There is a store in our area called Coolest Toys On Earth. We've gone in a couple of times and looked around so I know that they definitely have some fascinating & awesomely cool toys to offer. They are, however, missing what just might be *the* coolest toy on earth -the PlasmaCar!

The PlasmaCar is a one-of-a kind, award winning ride-on toy perfect for almost any age. Made from high-quality, durable plastics, it can support weights of up to 220lbs on a flat, smooth surface and can reach speeds of up to 6 m.p.h.! It's a breeze to assemble, simple to operate, uses neither pedals NOR gears, and doesn't require batteries. All you have to do is turn the steering wheel back and forth and off it goes.Tell me that's not cool!

From this....
to this is less than 10 minutes!

See it in action!


Not the best video and Mr. B was going a bit uphill, but he got the hang of it rather quickly and had a blast riding it. He rides it every chance he gets and most days can be found riding it around the table in our dining room. The PlasmaCar is not recommended for use on laminate or hardwood flooring, as the wheels may damage some surfaces but since we have commercial grade tile in our dining room & kitchen, this is not a concern for us.  

My older children enjoyed riding the PlasmaCar as well! Here is a picture of my son (12 y.o.) and daughter (14 y.o.) taking a turn during our visit to a local park near us.

The PlasmaCar is so easy to steer and ride, than my son could even do it with a broken wrist in a cast!

The PlasmaCar we received was red, but it comes in several other vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, purple, and pink. To purchase, find a retailer near you. The PlasmaCar is warranted against manufacturer defects for 6 months from date of purchase. If needed, replacement parts may also be available for purchase, which is nice to know in case somewhere down the line our PlasmaCar would need maintenance. This would surprise me though, because this is one of the most durable and well-made riding toys that I've seen in a long time. While actual purchase prices may vary, Retail Price is $70 and, in my opinion, worth every penny!

Sold on 5 continents and in 50 countries, the PlasmaCar is a toy that's around to stay! Visit too see for yourself how this can easily be the COOLEST TOY ON EARTH! You can also find them on FACEBOOKTWITTER, and YouTube

The makers of PlasmaCar have also introduced PlasmaBike, a balance bike for 18 months and up. For more information, please contact them at

This is truly a toy that grows with your child and we look forward to many more years of fun with our PlasmaCar!