Write with World Review


PhotobucketFor the past several weeks, we have been reviewing year 1 of the 2 year Write with World writing curriculum.  We are far from finished with the book, but I have yet to find anything about it that I don't like and as of right now, it is my favorite middle school writing curriculum thus far.

What it is:

A 2-year middle school writing curriculum from the publishers of God's World News and WORLD Magazine, developed by education and media professionals. 

What it consists of:

Separate teacher/student books (soft-cover) and online content for first and second years.
Web site for updated examples, writing prompts, published student work, and teacher forum.

What it covers:
  • Concepts of comparative and critical reading
  • Writing fundamentals
  • Narratives
  • Reporting
  • Reviewing
  • Critique and opinion
The only additional materials needed were a highlighter,  dictionary (a collegiate style dictionary is suggested),  thesaurus, and a writing journal/notebook. Being homeschoolers, we already had all of these on-hand so we were able to jump right in to the lessons. 

The first lesson, Capsule 1, was a lesson about "The Story Behind the Image". In this lesson, the student looks at a picture and is instructed to "read" the image and to ask themselves questions such as how, why, and what. My daughter loves to write stories on her own and I was surprised to learn that this is how she comes up with her story ideas. As she was working on the lessons, I couldn't help but notice that she actually seemed to be enjoying it. Just as it is stated in the General Introduction, my daughter had been taught to dislike writing lessons. I remember the rules-based, dry, boring assignments from my own school days so I can't say I blame her. 

The following excerpts were taken from the General Introduction:
"Write with World aims to produce young writers who love writing, can write effectively, and intelligently share ideas, beliefs, and their worldview. We hope to support a generation of young believers who aspire to use their writing skills in the service of God's Kingdom and explain effectively the reasons for their beliefs."

"Write with World teaches the skills necessary for becoming an effective writer while encouraging students to step outside the vacuum. Young writers need to see models of excellent writing on a regular basis. They need to read materials produced by published authors, and they need to engage in conversations with writers. They need opportunities to practice using language with a purpose and without the stress of being graded. They need writing assignments that are timely and thought-provoking. They need readers. They need thoughtful response to their efforts."

When I read that, I KNEW that this was going to be the curriculum for us and that I had been blessed beyond measure with this review opportunity.

See for yourself what Write with World is all about by viewing a sample lesson. The year one student text book consists of 16 lessons which are divided into 4 units. The teacher handbook includes the student book as well as teaching helps and tips to guide you along this fun learning journey.

Prices range from $95 (for years one and two purchased separately) to $165 (for years one and two together) plus shipping and handling. Please visit their website for more information. 

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