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If I had to pinpoint our homeschooling style, I would have to describe it as eclectic unschooling. Except for my daughter in K12 who thrives on the structure that comes with using text books, the rest of my children blossom when we steer clear of them and explore other learning opportunities. One of these recent opportunities was American History for Young Students I from TruthQuest History. If you are like me and have never heard of TruthQuest History, read on! 

From the website:

What is TruthQuest History? TruthQuest History is a deep and rich literature-based history study…but with a difference. You will not learn the story of mankind; you will learn the lovestory of mankind. You will not focus on the rise and fall of human civilizations; you will focus on the arrow-straight line of God's unchanging existence, power, love, truth, and plan for civilization. You will not simply 'meet the culture' or 'get the facts;' you will probe the truths of history so deeply that your students will be equipped to change their world!

Why? Because mankind is not the prime force in the universe ...God is. He initiates; we respond. History, therefore, is not first about what people do. It is first about what God does and says, and secondly about what people believe and do in response.

The exploration of history, then, should reveal God and His truth, not glorify the achievements of mankind. Indeed, the kings, artists, philosophers, writers, and scientists cannot even be understood until seen for who they are – people motivated by basic beliefs about God, whether true or untrue. The consequences of their Big 2 Beliefs (Who is God, and who, then, is mankind?) are displayed in history...and teach us all. Let us, then, not be found teaching humanistic history. Let us learn of civilization and its beliefs in a way that reveals and glorifies the God whose name is Truth. Your children will realize the only source of freedom is God's laws, and the only source of human worth is God's love for us. Once common knowledge, our society now thinks the opposite...and suffers for it.

These award winning guides can be used for grades 1-12, although I have to admit that I used this with my little boy who is in pre-k and he loves it. My older children have a firm grasp on early American history already which is why I decided to review it with my 4 1/2 year old. The guide reminds me a lot of a lapbook, except a binder is used. I love this idea! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I already had quite a few of the suggested reading books in my home library.

Mr. B. working on his first lesson.

Learning about Christoper Columbus.

The American History for Young Students guides were designed for grades 1-5 and include 3 volumes. The commentary is gentler, the issues lighter, and the lessons more positive which I think is important especially when teaching younger children. It has been my experience, the more fun it is, the more they learn and retain.

My son has enjoyed learning about Christopher Columbus, kings & queens, pirates, sailing, and more. Learning with living books rather than text books really makes the stories come alive. As a teacher, it is exciting when you see your student excited about learning and even more so when they ASK you to teach them more! TruthQuest History provided the perfect meand and opportunity to do this.  Since my son is so young, I must help him with the  ThinkWrite sections, but it is also great writing practice for him. Once a lesson is completed, it goes in the binder where he can go back and forth to his heart's content and enjoy what he has learned whenever he wants to. I look forward to continuing our TruthQuest History lessons! 

Guides can be purchased in both print (24.95) and immediate PDF download (19.95). The companion resources are only available in PDF download and include: Binder Builders (18.00), Notebooking pages (13.00), and Timelines (13.00).

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Ruth said...

I was totally sold. I just purchased the Creation title. I already own a lot of the suggested spines, and I love the idea of teaching history as God's leading and putting the focus on Him.