God's Great Covenant Review

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One of the reasons that I chose to homeschool my children was so that I could focus more on the Christian view of subjects, rather than the secular view presented in our public schools. I have to admit that while I have emphasized this view in subjects such as science and history, I have been sorely lacking in consistently teaching the Bible as a subject. I find myself a bit embarrassed by this fact, as I have said on more than one occasion that it is my job as a christian parent to give my children the firm foundation that they need to grow in the word, in life, and in their own walk with God. One of my "reasons" is because I have yet to find a Bible curriculum that we all like. They were mostly either too dry, boring, and complicated or too babyish for the older kids. 

God's Great Covenant New Testament 1 by Classical Academic Press provides the perfect solution to this problem as it is comprehensive and light-hearted at the same time. 

This might seem rather strange, but one of the first things that I noticed was the text font throughout the student workbook. The introductions, Memory Page, Story Time, and Worksheet pages are all written in a fun and enjoyable font to read. This is an important factor for us. View a sample lesson and see for yourself!

I like having chapter and lesson information along the bottom of each page so we know at a glance where we are and what lesson we are on. 

From the website:
"God’s Great Covenant, New Testament 1 teaches the Gospels to students in fourth grade and up, using stories, worksheets, memory verses, devotional guides, quizzes, and a little boy named Simon. In the introductions to the text, students will also learn about the historical, cultural, and geographical setting of the New Testament. This book is a most comprehensive and heartfelt study of the Gospels, and many parents and teachers will find themselves learning along with their students."

I found the last part of that statement to be very true as I was one of those parents/teachers who found myself caught up in the lesson and learning new things myself. God's Great Covenant New Testament 1 (The Gospels) combines the perfect mixture of Bible, history, and geography for almost any age. I found that even though it is intended for students in grades 4 and up, I was able to use some of it with my younger son.

I have said this before, and I am saying it again- we are strictly a KJV 1611 family. Having said that, the one and only thing that I wasn't crazy about is that the Bible verses in this curriculum were taken from the NIV or the NKJV (unless otherwise stated). Due to that fact, the worksheets frequently had to be used differently to reflect the King James Version and the memory verses had to be taken directly from our KJV Bible rather than just memorizing straight from the lesson. It is becoming increasingly more difficult as time goes on, in my own experience, to find anything that is strictly KJV. I know that this isn't a big deal to some families, and even in this case, I loved the presentation and content so much that I would most likely consider buying it anyway. The consumable Student Edition can be purchased for $26.95 and contains 36 weekly chapters divided into 4 themed units.

I was lucky enough to receive the Teachers Edition to review as well. This contains the entire student text, answer keys, additional factual information, and a notes section. The Teachers Edition can be purchased for $29.95.

Classical Academic Press specializes in Latin and logic, and has many great products to offer. View the complete 2011-2012 pdf catalog here. Visit their free resources page for audio downloads, coloring pages, bonus worksheets, and more.

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