Your Local Library: A Great Resource for Kindle Books!

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I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and since then, I've been scouring the internet for FREE books. I don't mind purchasing one once in awhile, but that can get a bit expensive as much as I read. 

I have checked out e-books before and read them on my computer, but I was thrilled to discover that our local library offers e-books in Kindle format to be checked out. Our library has a 3-week lending period and allows 10 e-books to be checked out at a time. Not all books are available in the Kindle format and I wasn't able to find any new releases available, but I was able to be put on a waiting list for some. I also checked out a few older Thomas Kinkaid novels, a book on medicinal herbs, and a travel book. I'm not the type to re-read books, so this is a perfect fit for me!

If you love to read & save money, check out your local library and see if they offer this economical option!