Thriftstore Jackpot!

I had to run errands today and decided to stop at couple of thrift stores to see what I could find. I'm sure glad I did!
In the first store, I scored:

  • Learning Resources Reading Rods Phonics Activities Set in gently used condition, for only $2.50. (Retails for $34.99)

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  • The Wiggles Memory Game (missing box, but cards are in like new condition). I'm not sure how much this is worth. It's listed on Amazon as a "collectible" and priced from $19.95 to $115 (seriously???) but I paid.....50 cents!

  • New in package, LeapFrog Pre-Math Tad Goes Shopping book and cartridge for LeapPad. I paid $3.

  • Macmillan Early Skills Program. I have no idea how old these are or how much they are worth, but they are crammed packed with lessons, ideas, and craft projects and well worth the $8 I paid for them!

My daughter, has an eagle eye for fashion that is sharper than any 14 year old has a right to and, spotted this a few seconds after we walked in the door of the second store. We thought we were getting the deal of a lifetime because this Burberry handbag was less than $8 but after reading up on how to authenticate it, I'm not sure that it's the real thing. Either way, it is an awesome addition to her wardrobe and suits her style perfectly!

Have you had any great finds lately? I'd love to hear about them!