Sweet Iced Tea

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Ok, so, this is pretty random, but I sure do love iced tea! Besides water, it is usually our beverage of choice throughout the hot summer months but here lately I've found myself making it quite often.  My daughter has a thing for the Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and I will sometimes buy a bottle of Honest Tea or Golden Peak tea, but what I really love is home-brewed sweetened ice tea! 

I think I get this from my dad's side of the family, quite honestly. As far back as I can remember, sweet iced tea is what was served at family meals and get-togethers. One of my cousins literally burned out 2 iced tea makers because she drank it so often! It's funny that a drink can make a person wax nostalgic but I can't help but think of my beloved grandmother and my childhood whenever I drink it. Perhaps that is part of it's appeal? I sure do love it though!