Family Movie Night's Game of Your Life Airing December 2nd on NBC

If you are looking for something to do with the family this Friday night, tune in to NBC at 8/7c to watch the premier of Game of Your Life. I had the opportunity to review this movie before it airs on December 2nd, and while it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen, I did enjoy watching it. I appreciate that it is truly a "family" movie and that I don't have to worry about adult situations or inappropriate language. I've watched several of the Family Movie Night movies and have found that to be the case with all of them. 

In Game of Your Life, the value of family & friendship is reinforced and the viewer is also reminded that there are consequences for bad choices but the focus is on pulling together to right the wrongs. In a day and age when kids would rather not take responsibility for their actions, it brings a powerful message to "do the right thing". 

One Stop Christmas Hop 11/29 - 12/6


The One Stop Christmas Hop has over 75 blogs offering almost $2000 worth of giveaway prizes. This fun event will run from 11/29 to 12/6. Thanks to our host blog Mama to 4 Blessings!

$25 Gift E-Card

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. It might take a few seconds to load, be patient. After you have entered my giveaway, scroll down to the linky after the Rafflecopter form and visit as many blogs as you can for a chance to win some lovely prizes. Thanks for stopping by & Happy Holidays!

Great Commission Languages - French Level 1A Review

As part of the TOS Crew, I was given the opportunity to review The Easy French! Level IA by Great Commission Languages, written by Marie Filion Sherwood.

I have used other French programs in the past (none of which we liked well enough to stick with), so I was anxious to receive this program and give it a try. Prior to receiving it, I read about The Easy French on their website,, and although I wasn't very impressed with the visual aspect and navigation of the actual website itself, I loved what I was reading about the program. 

Some of the program highlights that really caught my attention:

  • Easy to teach, even if you don't know any French at all. That would be me! I LOVE that all 36 lessons are recorded on CD for us to use and include everything and anything we may need help with during the course of the program. The lessons are very pleasant to listen to, and all of the lessons were under 4 minutes which makes it perfect for those with shorter attention spans and also to listen to over and over again. 

  • Program includes French Culture of France and Quebec with optional projects (including idiom projects). This is something that I, myself, am interested in learning about. I have traced my family tree on my father's side to Quebec, Canada and before that to Anjou, France all the way back to the 1500's. I have an unsatisfied curiosity about their culture and I think it is absolutely fantastic that each lesson includes both a "Cultural Note" and "Trivia". 

Interesting Trivia from lesson 16 (this explains A LOT!):

"Female children were christened with MARIE as their first name, their God-mother's common name as their second name, for the first female child their mother's common name as their third name and then a name or two that was specific to them. 99.9% of female children had Marie in their name.

Now you know why the French have so many names."

  • Includes Christian content. This curriculum is based on scripture. Scripture is introduced in Level I and the frequency list introduced in Level II is made from two different versions of the French Bible. Now, I am ok with this fact and I am not ok with it at the same time. We are strict KJV 1611 (I'm not saying this to start a debate, simply stating a fact), so I'm not crazy about my children memorizing scripture that is NOT King James. However, by learning the scripture in French, they are being given the best tool to communicate and deliver the message of the Bible to a large part of the population, in vast areas, because so many of them speak French.
Some of the scripture memory work includes Genesis 1:1, John 3:16, Psalms 21:1, and John 8: 31-21.

I couldn't be happier with the lesson structure. Here is an outline of a typical lesson:

1. Story: Each story is done in a French weave that is primarily a French sentence construction with English words added to aid comprehension. (This suits my children's learning personalities very well.)
2. Vocabulary: You hear the vocabulary that is used in the story in French first.
3. Student Helps: These are written so the student has insider information on the language.
4. Scripture Memory Work: There is a suggested scripture for every 2 lessons.
5. Cultural Note
6. Trivia
7. Everyday Vocabulary: This section will provide the student with a list of everyday words that they can practice.
8. Activity: This section works on the specific skills that need to be learned for the lesson.

I received a set of French Phonogram Cards to use as well, since they are used in conjunction with the lessons. There are a total of 50 that my students will need to learn this year. Due to the fact that we started reviewing this after the school year had already begun, we will most likely continue on into the summer so we can begin The Easy French Level IB next year. 

At customer request, they made an alternative format available of their existing Level I curriculum. Level IA is the first half, and level IB is the second half and have been updated with a few different stories to make the program appeal more to an older audience (grade 7 and up). They also integrated grammar and other exercises right into the textbook so there is no need to print everything out. I appreciate having everything I need for our lessons all in one place and the fact that there are no loose papers to keep track of is an added bonus. The New Format Levels are one year programs each unless you begin in the 10th grade or above and then you will need to do a level per semester.

    Watch a video overview of Marie explaining the program to a fellow homeschooler HERE.  
Want to know more? View some SAMPLE LESSONS.

Great Commission Languages follow the requirements laid out in order for your child to pass the foreign language CLEP exam (see for more information) and Le Francais Facile! is aligned with the International requirements for elementary and high school French and follows The Noah Plan (see 

Because a number of different concepts and activities are used throughout each lesson, my children are better able to understand the language they are learning and to retain the information. I absolutely love this program and I look forward to working our way through this book and into the next. I highly recommend The Easy French!

The Easy French Level IA is available for purchase HEREPhonogram cards on cardstock to your order for an additional $10. Other supplies needed (not sold on their website because in their own words "Amazon has them at such a great price that it doesn't make sense for us to stock and sell them directly.") are a French-English dictionary and the Big Blue Book of French Verbs. 

For a list of available products and current prices, take a look at their catalog. They also offer The Easy Spanish. Visit their website HERE for more information. 

They also have a group on yahoo. To join, visit I just joined it myself! 

To read what other TOS crew members thought about this product, please visit HERE.

*Disclosure: I received this product for free in order to provide an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

Gourmet Gift Baskets Review

The Snack Gift Basket Classic, from Gourmet Gift Baskets- $59.99

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review this delicious gift basket from It arrived via UPS Ground, packaged in a sturdy box. The snack basket itself was shrink wrapped and some of the individual snacks were glued together to avoid shifting. The presentation was beautiful and was topped off with a colorful raffia bow. 

I was so excited to receive my Gourmet Gift Basket that I forgot to take a picture of it before I dug in! This is a picture after I had already eaten some of the delicious snacks. I LOVE the basket! It is very sturdy, and would make a perfect gift to use long after the goodies are gone.

The Snack Gift Basket - Classic contains the following award-winning gourmet treats: 

  • Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip
  • Gourmet Dipping Pretzels
  • Key Lime White Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Almond Pecan Crunch
  • Peanuts
  • Trail Mix
  • Buttered Pecan Crunch
  • Peanut Roll
  • Organic Coconut Bar
  • Cheese Biscuits
My personal favorites were the peanut roll and the buttered pecan crunch although everything was delicious and gift-worthy. I have received other snack gift baskets before, and in my opinion, they just cannot compare with the taste and quality of Gourmet Gift Baskets. 

These make the perfect gifts to give when you aren't sure just what to give. I was impressed with their website as well. Their site is very easy to navigate and options are available to shop by price, occasion, category, recipient, or theme. They make it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for, even if you don't know what that is yet! 

Here are some of their choices:

Care Package prices range from $34.99 to $59.99. They carry a wide selection in a number of themes.

Corporate Gift Baskets range from the simple such as the Bakery Sampler above for $29.99 to the classy Red Wine Duo & Chocolate Suitcase (pictured below) for $139.99, to the ultimate Cakebread Reds Wine Gift Basket for $249.99.

Red Wine Duo & Chocolate Suitcase
Gourmet Gift Baskets also carry Cheesecake, which I absolutely adore and would love to try someday. At $37.99, their Gourmet Cheesecake Sampler is a delicious way to enjoy their most popular varieties such as Classic New York cheesecake,  Strawberry Cheesecake, Amaretto Cheesecake, and the decadent Turtle Cheesecake. 

These are just some of their amazing gift baskets as the selection is too vast to highlight all of them. I encourage you to visit them at and see for yourself how great that selection is. I was amazed at the variety!

You can find Gourmet Gift Baskets on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and on The Blog Basket, the official blog.

*Disclosure: I receive free product from this company in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop

gifts galore hop

Welcome to 12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop hosted by Tales From the Nursery, Formula Mom, and Mama on a Green Misson. There's over $5,000 in prizes offered to help you get the gifts you need this holiday season. After you are done entering our giveaway you'll want to check out everyone else's AND enter for a chance to win one of three GRAND prizes sponsored by Kudzoom! Each blog you stop and enter at will be another entry!

My Sponsor:

Gourmet Gift Baskets, a family owned company dedicated to delivering quality gift baskets. 

From Fruit Baskets to Beer Buckets, Gourmet Gift Baskets has it all! You're sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone. If you are looking for a gift basket for your boss or a co-worker, they carry Corporate Gift Baskets as well! Not only are the snacks delicious, but the presentation can't be beat. 

One winner will receive this Snack Gift Basket - Classic. A $59.99 value! I received one for review, and loved it. Read my review HERE.

How to enter:

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PinkyParadise I.Fairy Super Crystal Lenses Review

PinkyParadise has over 600 choices of circle lenses ranging from natural series, enlarging series, to cosplay series.

They have stock on-hand, and products will be shipped out in 1-3 days.

They carry more than just circle lenses! PinkyParadise also carries lashes, mascara, facial masks, and more!

In short, PinkyParadise is your eye make-up one-stop online beauty store!

*These were reviewed by my daughter, who is a member of my review team. This is what she thought of the I.Fairy Super Crystal Lenses:

I've been wanting to try circle lenses ever since discovering them. I knew that I wanted a huge doll-eyed look, but other than that I had no idea what to look for. After doing a little research I found the I.Fairy super crystal lenses
It took me a while, but I finally decided on the Pretty Crystal Grey 15mm (known as I.Fairy Super Crystal). At first I was going to get the blue, but I figured they would be to bright. 
A lot of people in reviews were saying that the blue lenses would make great cosplay lenses, and for some reason that turned me off completely. 

I got the lenses from They are a Malaysian based company that ships worldwide (some restrictions apply). They arrived via USPS almost exactly two weeks after they were ordered (which was right on time!)

 Cutie Animal Lenses Case - Hippo

 Velcro Hair Band

 Protective foam wrapped around lenses to protect while shipping.
 The vials with the contacts inside, in solution.

Other colors available in the Super Crystal Series:

The Grey ones that I received to review.

Now here are some pics of me with the lenses on ;)

How I rated them:

COLOUR: ★★★★4/5☆

I think the color is really pretty. It's subtle enough, but still noticeable. It kind of looks like a dark, dark dark blue.


These lenses are huge! I'm sure there's probably bigger out there, but these are perfect for me. 

COMFORT: ★★★4/5☆

I was amazed at how comfortable these actually are. My eyes were a little irritated for a few minutes after I first put them in, but then they pretty much disappear! 
The first day I wore these I had them in for around 6 1/2 hours, and If I had to, I could have kept them in longer. 


To me, 3 out of five isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. I mean, my eyes are way bigger than they naturally are with these in. How natural is that supposed to look? 
I think the color is pretty natural though. It's not like "Oh look hun, she has built in headlights!" ;)

Overall I really like these lenses. And I would definitely try some of the other colors if I got the opportunity. 

Prior to wearing, make sure to check out the Wear & Care Guide for important information such as the need to soak the new lenses in multi-purpose contact solution for at least 8 hours prior to wearing them for the first time, expiry information, daily care, and more. 

Caution Notes:

You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lens. It is your responsibilities to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses (which is provided in the website). The rule of thumb for your eye safety is, if you experience any discomfort, please remove the lens immediately.

Visit PinkyParadise today & when ordering, use coupon code mysocalledhomeschoollife to receive a cute animal lens case PLUS a mystery gift! Even better, the coupon code can be stacked, so if you order 3 pair of lenses you will receive 3 animal lens cases plus 3 mystery gifts. *Minimum purchase of 1 pair of lenses to activate code.

Giveaway is coming soon on Health, Beauty, Children & Family! Check back for more details.

*Disclosure: I received a pair of lenses for review purposes. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

2011 Christmas Gift Guide

2011 Christmas Gift Guide with Health, Beauty, Children, and Family. Check out the gift guide, and see what some of our favorites are this year! 

12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop Is Almost Here!

gifts galore hop

It's almost here! This Friday, the 12 Days of Gifts Galore Giveaway Hop will go live. Be sure to stop by and enter to win over $5000 worth of prizes on almost 200 blogs. My prize is valued at $59.99! I can't wait! 

Vote For Culver's Hometown Hero Nominee - Sean R.

Meet Sean. He is an inspiring young man who is currently in the running to win a $5000 Grand Prize in Culver's Hometown Hero contest. He needs your DAILY votes to win! Contest ends December 5.

Will you please take a minute to read his story?
Alexandra Habeeb, wrote this about Sean:

"Sean R. is my hero because he is truly an inspiration to everyone around him. Sean's dream has always been to become a published author, as his passion is writing. Sean, now 20, must use a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy which he has had since infancy. Because of this disease, Sean can't use his hands to write. However, his mind has always been full of creative, fun stories that he's wanted to share with the world. He didn't allow his disability to be a setback. Instead, he dictated his stories as someone typed them out. I was so proud when Sean's first children's book was published in 2010!!! After the book was published, there was a book signing for it! It was so neat to see our whole community rally behind Sean and support him. The inspiration he stirred within our community was tangible. He overcame challenges and went the distance to accomplish his dream. He never gave up! Whenever I think about giving up or think that I can't do something, I think of Sean. He reached for the stars, and accomplished his dream! Sean never stopped, and he's still not stopping! He has a whole series written, and is hoping to get those published. Because of all of his dedication, passion, perseverance, and determination, Sean is my hero!!!"

Sean's first book was published when he was 18 years old! Paddy's First Day at Hilltop School is an adorable story about Paddy (a muskrat), with cerebral palsy, who must attend a new school when his family moves. The stories of Paddy relate with Sean's own experiences as well of those of other children. Visit to order.

There are currently about 10 more books in the Paddy series written and ready to be published, but Sean lacks the funds to send them to print. Winning the Culver's Hometown Hero $5000 prize would help him realize his dream of seeing these books published.

Please VOTE for him today, and every day through December 5. THANK YOU!

Time Timer Review


Make Every Moment Count

The Time Timer has been a most welcome addition to our home. It is used most often to help my youngest son, who is soon to be 4, understand better the concept of time. Having 3 older children who already know how to tell time (well....I should hope so considering the fact that they are 12, 12, and 13), I was catching myself telling my 3 year old to "wait a second" and "you can play for a few more minutes." Like he really understood that! What was I thinking? 

So, when I received the Time Timer to review, I immediately removed it from the box and put it to use. My son likes watching PBS shows on his sister's computer and playing pre-school computer games. My daughter isn't too crazy about that, mainly because Mr. B. never wants to get off of her computer so she can use it. The Time Timer worked like a charm. I told him he had 30 minutes to play, and when the red was gone, his time was up. He was very excited to visually see how much time he had left rather than being told that he had "a few more minutes". 


The next time the Time Timer was used was for a time out. The 3" model is perfect for smaller hands, and my son wanted to hold it so he could watch the red disc disappear. In his own words, "That's so cool, Mom!" We have also used it during bath time (which would last for hours if I let it), so he would know how much time was left for him to play. I love the see-through protective plastic cover that also serves as a stand. 

Two things that I wasn't crazy about:

1) The audible ticking, which in all fairness probably isn't really that loud but I have very sensitive hearing. If all is quiet, I can hear it ticking on the other side of the room. Of course, it doesn't bother my 3 year old but one of my older children did notice the ticking when it was sitting right in front of them so I'm thinking if I use it during a testing situation, it will need to be a bit farther away from them.

2) The literal "beep beep" as a signal that time is up is hardly noticeable. I understand the need to eliminate a jarring ringing noise, but it would be nice if the audible signal were a bit louder or longer in my opinion.

Regardless, the pros far outweigh the cons. I would highly recommend this product for personal, homeschool, business or classroom/group use, or for any other situation where you need to manage and make full use of your time. I am looking forward to using it to help my younger children understand the concept of time and to help them make every moment count.

The Time Timer is available in 3" for $30, 8" for $35, and 12" for $40 and can be ordered online, by calling 1-877-771-TIME and using a credit card, by fax or mail with a Purchase Order, or by mailing a check or money order. For more detailed purchasing information, visit their website by clicking HERE

Other products available include a Time Timer Wrist Timer, iPhone & iPod applications, Time Timer software for your computer, The Time Timer Puzzle, and blank timer faces & application stickers to customize your Time Timers.

Time Timer's goal is not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them and the company offers a 1 year, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. From it's initial production in a basement to global expansion, Time Timer has come a long way in it's approximate 20 years of existence! Read more about inventor Jan Rogers and her journey to success HERE.

Visit the Time Timer blog for more ideas on how to use the Time Timer & read about the surprising places where it's been spotted (Rocco DiSpirito's cooking show for one!)

Visit them on FACEBOOK!

Read what other TOS Crew members thought about this product HERE

*Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

#imabzzagent Kroger's The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie Review

Kroger's new, The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie is a mouthful to say, but then again, so are the cookies. Loaded with chocolate chips and made with real butter, these cookies rival homemade. 

Delicious by themselves, they are over the top dipped in milk, or try microwaving them for a few seconds for that just out of the oven taste. These cookies are larger than your average chocolate chip cookie, which makes them the perfect size for ice cream sandwiches. Simply soften your favorite ice cream, place between two cookies, wrap with cling film, and put in the freezer until firm. Delectable!

Each box of 8 cost around $2.80, and if you pair that with a coupon, it's a truly awesome deal! My entire family, from the oldest to the youngest (19 months old) LOVED these cookies and begged for more. The taste & quality are superb but the fact that they have no added preservatives or artificial flavors was a big selling point with me as well.

One thing that I didn't care too much for was the front of the packaging. It was a little too "busy" for me. I would like to see a simpler design with less graphics on the front but that detail wouldn't stop me from purchasing the cookies. I also wish there were more than 8 cookies per pack, but considering the size of the cookie, I really wouldn't expect there to be as many as your average pack of cookies. 

Give them a try! If you're not delighted with your purchase, let Kroger know. They will make it right with a replacement or refund. 

*Dislosure: I received this product from BzzAgent for free to review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.

#Free Coloring Pages, Puzzles, and More at Dover Publications

The Dover Children's Book Sampler has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. When you sign up, you will receive an email every Thursday with links to FREE Dover coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed out, plus samples of other Dover children's books. It is completely free, and you can cancel at any time. Topics include animals, art, history, and more. Join HERE!

November is National Aviation Month! This week Dover is offering sample pages from The Story of the Wright Brothers, How to Draw Planes, Trains & Boats, Famous Aircraft Origami, and All About Airplanes. 

They are also offering samples this week of some of their books about Thanksgiving and since Antarctica was discovered November 18, 1820, they are offering sample pages of Arctic and Antarctic Life Coloring Book, Polar Animal Stickers page, Race to the South Pole Coloring Book, and Penguin Party Stickers page.

Dover Publications also has a sale going on right now for 25% off over 1000 select titles and if you use coupon code NE25, you can take an extra 25% off. Sale ends 11/20/11.

#MyBlogspark Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Giveaway - Ends

Scroll to the Rafflecopter form below to
enter for a chance to win this Green Giant Prize Pack.

Searching for a quick and convenient side dish that appeals to all of your hungry eaters? Thanks to Green Giant® Valley Fresh Steamers™ Vegetables with Pasta, pleasing your entire family just became an easy fix.

Making meal time easier than ever, Green Giant has introduced vegetables with pasta and savory sauces to their already convenient and tasty line-up of Valley Fresh Steamers frozen mixes.

New Valley Fresh Steamers Vegetables with Pasta varieties include:

Macaroni and Cheese Sauce with Broccoli - classic elbow pasta and broccoli in a mouth watering cheese sauce.
Pasta and Vegetables with Alfredo Saucedelicious corkscrew pasta with carrots and broccoli in a savory Alfredo sauce.

Steam-in-the-bag sides will have your family asking for seconds. 

Join in the conversation today on the Green Giant Facebook page.

As a busy mother of 5, I love the convenience of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Pasta and the taste even pleased one of my pickiest of eaters. We love the Macaroni and Cheese Sauce with broccoli. I usually try to cook everything mostly from scratch, but on those days when that's just not possible, it's nice to have this on hand for a quick & easy meal or side dish. 

“Disclosure: Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with 
Pasta, information, and giveaway have been provided 
by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

One lucky reader will win this Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers prize pack. Enter using the Rafflecopter form below. It may take a few seconds to load.

#MyBlogSpark Cheerios Cheer Campaign & #Giveaway - Ends 11/25

*Scroll to the bottom of this post to enter giveaway.

When our troops are called to serve, their families must rise to meet the challenges of service as well. To thank them, Cheerios and the USO have partnered in a postcard campaign that spreads Cheer directly to these honorable military families and supports USO programs. Here’s how it works:
During the months of October and November, 2011, specially-marked boxes of Cheerios cereal will feature Cheer postcards on the front of the box. Consumers can simply cut out the postcard from the Cheerios logo, write a message of thanks on the back, add a stamp and mail the pre-addressed card to the USO. The USO will deliver the Cheer card to military families across the country.

For each postcard received through November 2012, Cheerios will make a $1 donation to the USO to help fund programs that support military families.

To kick off the campaign, Cheerios has already donated $150,000 to the USO and will donate up to an additional $100,000 based upon the number of postcards received from specially marked boxes now through November 30th, 2012.Sending a “Cheer” postcard is a simple way to say thanks and lift the spirits of our country’s military families. So, take a moment out of your day to spread some Cheer and send a message of thanks!

A postcard may not seem like much, but to the families left behind by loved ones who have been called away to serve, it can mean more than you'll ever know. As an ex-military wife myself, I know first hand how much one kind word can brighten the day. I think it's wonderful that Cheerios is reaching out to our military families and encouraging consumers to show appreciation for their dedication, sacrifice, and service. Won't you join me in saying, "thanks"?
Cheerios is on FACEBOOK!

One lucky reader can receive their own Cheerios Prize Pack pictured above. I love the cereal dispenser, and it can be used for other snacks as well. The cute Cheerios bowl is actually ceramic and is very sturdy! Simply enter using the Rafflecopter form below. It might take a few seconds to load.
“Disclosure: Cheerios cereal, information, and giveaway have 
been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

Chick-fil-a Calendar with FREE Coupons Giveaway $30 Value!

Click on the Chick-fil-a Cow Watch Widget for some holiday fun & enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a 2012 Chick-fil-a calendar with FREE coupons for Chick-fil-a all year round. It's a $30 value!

Due to Rafflecopter being down, winner was chosen via There were 93 entries and the winning entry was #39 Stephanie Girard with the entry of "Like Chickfila on Facebook". Congratulations Stephanie!

Math Mammoth Review

TOS Crew members were recently given the opportunity to review products from Math Mammoth. Maria Miller, author of Math Mammoth workbooks & worktexts, gave Crew members their choice of which product to review. I chose the Golden Series Grade 6 worksheets which focuses on:

Operations with numbers
Place value
Number theory
Fractions & part problems
Integers & coordinate system
Equations, ratios, percent
Statistics & probability

I like having the workbook as a pdf file with the option to print the entire book at once to store in a binder, or to print one lesson out at a time. A printable answer key is also included which has come in very handy! Math was never my favorite subject when I was in school, and I have to admit that it still isn't. 

This series is available in a pdf download ($65) or on CD ($70) and are available for purchase on Kagi.

Other series include: The Blue Series for grades 1-6, the Light Blue Series for grades 1-6, and the Green series (which are a collections of worksheets compiled from the Golden series). 

Also available: the Make it Real Learning Activity Library, Volume 1 (download),  Math Mammoth All Inclusive Package (which includes ALL of the series), the "Everything" Bundle (download) which includes all of the Math Mammoth series and the make It Real Learning products sold on site. Read more about each package for pricing and to determine which series best meets your child's needs.

(From the site)
Note: These worksheets follow loosely Virginia state standards for mathematics, as they were found in 2006. But standards vary within the states, and change over time. Therefore you may not find each and every 6th grade topic that you might find in some other math book or that might be listed in your state's standards or objectives.

Watch Math Mammoth lesson videos, like the one below, on YouTube. I love having online lessons to use when I need them!

Diet & Exercise: The Journey To A Healthier Me

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The first time I remember being self-conscious of my weight was when I was a sophomore in a private christian school. I was 14 years old and I was no where near being "fat". Due to a nervous stomach, I couldn't eat very much and when I did, I would throw up. I could wear my 9 year old sister's clothing and my waist was 17". The ironic part about it, is that I didn't get teased about being skinny. Quite the opposite. Due to my nervous stomach, I would snack throughout the day in-between classes on Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal just to keep the hunger pangs away. That didn't go unnoticed by my classmates and I got made fun of for eating all the time. My homeroom teacher was made aware of the situation, and did nothing. In fact, when my parents confronted him about it, he made the comment, "Well, she does eat all the time." Nice, right? It's not like I was shoving Ho-Ho's in my mouth every few minutes. The teasing became unbearable, and it was at this time that my parents began homeschooling me. This is also the first time I remember being depressed beyond words.

Over the next year or so, I slowly began putting on a little weight. Nothing major. I think I went up to a size 5. What I wouldn't give to be a 5 now! The teasing and taunting was never forgotten, and I was driven to lose weight however I could. "However I could" ended up being eating only crackers and water and exercising as much as possible. Looking back, I think about how dangerous that was. I can still remember feeling light headed and having headaches.

The weight stayed off through a marriage right after graduation, a move to Okinawa, a family crisis, and a separation/reconciliation. Not long after that, I started gaining weight. A divorce soon followed and over the next few years I yo-yo'd back and forth until I was finally at my heaviest- a hefty size 24. Through diet and exercise (no cracker and water diet this time), I got back down to a size 7 and stayed there for a couple of years. No matter how hard I try, the weight always seems to come back on. 

Over the years, I've lost and gained hundreds of pounds and I've spent an awful lot of time feeling bad about myself because of it. While I am not at my all-time heaviest, I am not at an ideal weight for my 5'2" frame, by any means, and so with the support of my cousins (who are also trying to lose weight), I am a woman on a mission to lose 70lbs. While being healthier should be incentive enough to shed the pounds, I needed a bit more to drive me so my husband has agreed to buy me an iPad2 AND a new wardrobe once I've reached my goal. Woohoo! 

In an effort to be held more accountable through this journey, I have decided to blog about it in the hopes that it will keep me on the straight and narrow. Chocolate is my weakness, and there's SO much of it out there. I'm thinking with the holidays coming up, it's probably not the best time to begin a diet, but the time for a healthier me is NOW!

Do you have a diet success story? I'd love to hear about it!