A Cinderella Story - Once Upon a Song

Prince Charming with an English accent. What more can you ask for? We are anxiously awaiting the release of this movie. Have you heard about it?

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Write Your Own Cinderella Story! Take our interactive quiz and make your own musical fairytale come true!

Lip Sync Music Video Contest! Film a short YouTube video to the sounds of Lucy Hale’s song “Run This Town.” Dress up! Be creative!

Achieve Your Dreams PDF! Download “Top 10 Ways to Stand Bright” and write your own goals!

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song! Sneak a peek of the Cinderella Story Three trailer!

Stars of the Movie! Check out Lucy Hale take the quiz and Freddie Stroma and the gang lip sync along to the song!

Hidden behind the veil of the fun content (much like that pesky carrot juice hiding behind the great taste of the banana and orange smoothie!) is a subtle, perhaps subconscious, message to your kids that says anything is possible if they follow their dreams.

To help deliver this message through fun and enriching content, PartnersHub has teamed up with the Confidence Coalition, a national movement geared towards promoting self-esteem and confidence among girls and women.

Pre-order your copy of A Cinderella Story- Once Upon a Song today or own it on September 6th on DVD or download to own!

Gorgeous Handmade Tutu Sales Benefit Non-Profit Organization

If you are looking for a unique gift, or something special for your own little princess, visit my cousin's Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. Etsy shop to purchase one of their listed tutus or send a note to request a custom item. All profits go to Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Currently available: (Click on picture to be taken to the Etsy page for more information or to purchase.) In the event that I have incorrectly listed or priced an item here on my blog, the information & pricing on the original Etsy listing will override any mistake I might make. 

Epilepsy Awareness Purple Tutu with Matching Purple Charm Ribbon $20

Purple handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a wide purple ribbon. Ties around the back and has a purple metal ribbon charm attached to the front of the tutu. *This listing is for the tutu only.

 Epilepsy Awareness Blue Cinderella Tutu $20

Blue Cinderella handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a wide blue ribbon. Ties around the back. *This listing is for the tutu only.

 Epilepsy Awareness Hello Kitty Pink Tutu $20

Pink Hello Kitty ribbon handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a wide ribbon. Hello Kitty ribbon is used throughout the layers of tulle. Elastic band. *This listing is for tutu only.

 Red, White, & Black Tutu with Top $20

Red, white, and black handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a wide blue ribbon and crocheted matching red top.

 Epilepsy Awareness Tinkerbell Green Tutu Dress $20

Green Tinkerbell handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a crocheted top and wide green ribbon. Ties around the neck.

 Epilepsy Awareness Pink & Black Tutu Dress $20

Pink and black handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a crochet top and black ribbon that ties around the neck.

 Epilepsy Awareness Pink & Black Pirate Princess Tutu $20

Pink and black handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a crochet band. *This listing is for tutu only.

 Epilepsy Awareness Tinkerbell Green Tutu Dress with Monogram Pin/Embellishment $25

Green Tinkerbell handmade tutu with layers of tulle on a crochet top and wide green ribbon. Ties around the neck. Choice of first initial pin or embellishment as shown.

 Epilepsy Awareness Pink Feather Boa Baby/Infant Girl Diaper Cover $26

Pink feather boa diaper cover bottoms. Size 6-12 months. Gymboree bottoms.

 Epilepsy Awareness Blue Cinderella Tutu Dress $20

Blue Cinderella handmade tutu dress with layers of tulle with a top and ribbon that ties around the back. For an additional $5, you can choose a custom initial pin as shown in the picture.

Epilepsy Awareness Blue Cinderella Wedding Tutu Dress with Options $25 (before options)

Blue Cinderella handmade tutu dress with layers of tulle to include sparkly tulle with a top and ribbon that ties around the back. The top has two layers to provide extra  coverage for older children. For an additional $5, you can choose a custom initial pin or diamond crown as shown in the picture. For an additional $10, you can order a matching veil. Size 24 months to 4 years.

If you would like to contact April to ask a question or for a custom order, you can visit the Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. Etsy shop and then click the "contact" button or you can se
nd an email to: angels4epilepsy@yahoo.com.

Proceeds go directly to Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. a 501(c)(3)

 charity for epilepsy.

*For disclosure purposes, this organization is owned and

 operated on a volunteer only basis by members of my family

 (along with other non-

family volunteers), and I am involved as

 President of the Ohio location.


How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids by Rachel Carman

Apologia Press $13.00

If I've heard it once, I've heard it  a hundred times, "Kids should come with a manual!" How to Have a H.E.A.R.T. For Your Kids might not be *the* manual, but I'd say it comes pretty close. Rachel Carman  uses the acronym H.E.A.R.T. to upliftingly guide parents down this long and winding road (that is worth every step).

H - Have a Heart for the Things of God
E - Enrich Your Marriage
A - Accept Your Kids
R - Release Them to God
T - Teach Them the Truth

Rachel Carman has been happily married to her husband, Davis, since 1986. Ten years later, they began their homeschool journey with the first of their seven children, who now range in age from 5 to 18. She has been speaking and encouraging women's groups for over ten years and is also the author of SoundBites from Heaven, and together with her husband Davis owns Apologia.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book is a hardcover and I loved the inviting cover graphics. I was drawn to read it. From the Introduction, this book is funny, engaging, and thought provoking. Sharing examples from her own homeschool journey, Rachel draws the reader in, making you feel like you've known her all your life. I would love to see her in person, and attend one of her conferences!

Besides the Introduction, the book has five chapters, along with an epilogue and acknowledgements giving it a total of 205 pages. Normally, that would be an easy read for me, but such was not the case. I found myself rereading passage after passage, not because it was difficult to understand, but because it was so GOOD! The Lord spoke to me through the author's words and pointed out some areas that I need to work on so I can have the heart that God would have me to have for my children.  It has been said of Rachel, "It is her heart's deepest desire to become all God has planned for her to be for His kingdom's glory. She loves challenging other women to dare to desire the same thing - to live in reckless obedient faith."  She inspires me to want to live in reckless, obedient faith. That sounds so daring, doesn't it?

 A couple of my favorite "Wow! That's Good Stuff!" moments: In the introduction, the author wrote that, "God is so good to go before us, leading us to places we never intended to be, much less wanted to go." Sometimes I forget that He goes before me, preparing my way. How can I ever forget that, when it is He who is directing my path!?! Then, there is Chapter 3 -A. The entire chapter spoke to me. I especially loved it when she asked the question, "Could it be that you or I have given birth to an answer to prayer?" Like I said, GOOD STUFF!

If I have anything negative to say at all about the book, it would be that it quotes the NIV bible, rather than the KJV, but I had my bible handy and got in some extra bible study, so it all worked out! I would highly recommend this book. It was both a joy and a blessing for me to read.

HOW TO HAVE A H.E.A.R.T. FOR YOUR KIDS,  is published by and available through Apologia Press and can be purchased directly through their website HERE.

Please click HERE to read other TOS reviews on HOW TO HAVE A H.E.A.R.T. FOR YOUR KIDS!

Click HERE to request a catalog from Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.


  1106 Meridian Plaza Suite 220
Anderson, IN 46016 
Phone: (888)524-4724  Fax: (765)608-3290

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the publisher in order to review and post my honest opinion.

Little Kelsey Needs Votes to go to Disney: Help a Fellow Blogger

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Alive in Spirit Grace Card DVD Giveaway

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My friend Barb over at Alive in Spirit is currently hosting a giveaway for the movie The Grace Card. Read more about it HERE.

It has low entries, and ends 8/28, so head on over and enter. You have a good chance of winning!

Winner of $30 Gift Card to Anywhere Giveaway

Congratulations to A. Branam, the winner of the $30 Gift Card to Anywhere Giveaway! Winner has been notified and has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen via Random.org. Thank you to all who entered!

Angels4Epilepsy: Almost There!

Well, in just about 5 more days, we will know whether or not Angels4Epilepsy has won a $25,000 Pepsi Refresh grant. Jamie is currently ranked #6, but that can fluctuate like crazy. It's nerve-racking for sure to wake up to find her at #4 only to check a few hours later to see she is #8, then back to #6. It is definitely a roller coaster ride! I just checked and she is now at #8! See what I mean? 

In case you are wondering, I have a vested interest in Angels4Epilepsy for several reasons. Not only is it a great cause, but the little girl who started this organization is my cousin's daughter Jamie. I have been blessed to reconnect with my cousins, which just happened to be right around the time that Angels4Epilepsy was really taking off. It's been a joy to watch it grow before my eyes. I am also pleased to announce that I have been named President of Angels4Epilepsy, Inc.,  Ohio. This is a very exciting opportunity for my family and we are honored to be a part of it all. Our very first delivery is coming up in a few weeks to the Dayton Children's Hospital, where we will be receiving a tour of the hospital as well. If you are a company or individual interested in making an in-kind or monetary donation, please contact us at angels4epilepsyOhio@yahoo.com. 

Angels4Epilepsy links of interest: (Click on link to be taken to web page of interest. Please note that some have not been updated.)

Jamie, founder of Angels4Epilepsy

Awesome Kid Award

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Danielle B.
My So Called Homeschool Life would like to recognize Danielle as an AWESOME KID and award her with a Disney Princess Prize Pack.
Danielle with her sister

Danielle is a spunky, pint-sized 4 year old with a heart as big as Texas. While her older sister has been busy with Angels4Epilepsy, Danielle has been right by her side helping to fill gift bags, making deliveries, and even going so far as to offer her own Happy Meal toys as bag fillers.

 She is always ready with a smile that touches the heart!

Danielle has severe pulmonary/allergy issues and was diagnosed just two weeks after her older sister was diagnosed with epilepsy. She is on several medications a day and has endured many hospitalizations due to her condition. She is such a trooper!

Much of Danielle's life has been spent apart from her Dad due to him being deployed to the Middle East. While on his last tour, Danielle would help to bake treats to send to the soldiers in her dad's command. He is stationed back in the states now, and the Army has moved the family to a new duty station. Danielle is having a blast exploring her new surroundings and the new climate seems to have done wonders for her health.

So, Dani, for everything you do to brighten somebody's day and for the blessing that you are, you are being given the Awesome Kid Award! I hope you always know how special YOU are!

Angels4Epilepsy Current & Upcoming Events

As many of you know, Angels4Epilepsy is currently vying for a $25,000 Pepsi Grant. If they win, they will use the money to provide free resources to low income children with epilepsy. This is a great cause, and what makes it even more amazing is that it was all started by a 7 year old child. Please help her and her non-profit organization by voting for them daily until August 31. 

You can also text 107962 to PEPSI (73774) 
*Standard messaging rates apply

To read more about my cousin Jamie and Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. visit their website by clicking HERE.

If you live in or near Frankton, IN and are going to the Frankton Heritage Days, please be sure to stop by the fundraiser at 209 N. Washington Street! All funds raised will benefit Angels4Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana. Stacey will also be holding a raffle to win a TG Bears handmade bear! (More information to come soon.)

Here are some of the items Stacey will be selling.


If you live near a LaRosa's Pizzeria (besides Mr. Gatti's, my absolute FAVE), we will be selling Buddy Cards. This is a great deal. When you buy one large pizza, you get a large cheese pizza FREE!

If you live in Southern Ohio, New Richmond will be hosting the Riverdays this weekend. For more information, visit their website by clicking HERE. While this is not an Angels4Epilepsy event, my son and daughter will be racing in The 19th  International Cardboard Boat Regatta & trying to drum up more votes for Angels4Epilepsy in the Pepsi grant project by handing out flyers.

My son has dedicated his boat to Jamie, and has named her Angels4Epilepsy. He has spent the week getting her ready and repainting the trim purple (the color for epilepsy).

If you look at the flyer, you can see a picture of the boat being captained by my daughter in 2009. It's the top picture on the left.

And, last but not least, some of our family (and maybe friends) will be walking as Team Angels4Epilepsy in the Cincinnati Walks for Kids which will benefit Children's Hospital Medical Center. All donations raised by Team Angels4Epilepsy will go to benefit kids with epilepsy.

If you are interested in making a donation online to sponsor the team, please contact me and I can tell you how to go about that!

Do You Drink Pepsi?

Unidentified Mystery Meal

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So, at one point in fairly recent time, I made this dish and took the picture to post on my blog with the recipe. The only problem now, is I have no idea what it was or where the recipe came from. Hmmmmmm.........

$30 Gift Card to Anywhere Giveaway- Ends 8/25

Don't forget to enter the $30 Gift Card To Anywhere giveaway!

Click HERE to be taken to the entry form. 

How To Build A Better Mouse Trap 101

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First lesson: be smarter than the mouse.

Which, apparently I am not.

Several weeks ago, I thought I saw evidence of a mouse. No droppings, just some chewed up paper & plastic. Now, we live in the country, so occasionally we do get mice in the house, but it disgusts me knowing these unwelcome guests are making themselves at home, mostly while we sleep.

A typical house mouse is about 5.5 to 7.5 inches long, including their tails, and they only weigh about 1/2 an ounce, but they can wreak havoc. They contaminate food preparation surfaces with their droppings, which can contain the bacterium that causes food poisoning and their constant gnawing causes damage around the house. I have also read that mice are incontinent and as they are traveling through your house raiding your pantry and crawling on your counters and through your bedrooms and wherever else, they are constantly dribbling urine. That is just plain nasty! 

Which is why I want it (them?) gone. 

I hate setting those bait and set traps. I'm always afraid of the loud "snap" sound they make and that they will pinch my fingers off so I decided to try a different kind of trap, since my husband wasn't around to set it for me. This is what I decided to try:
And, I must say, I hate this kind of trap. They do not work. At least for me. They are very sensitive and go off if barely touched. There is a trap door that you open to put bait, and I used peanut butter. Well, we also get those pesky black ants in our house year-round and apparently they LOVE peanut butter. They kept eating the bait out of the trap. Needless to say, no mouse caught.

So, my husband set a couple of the bait and set traps we had on hand. Still, nothing. He thought maybe they had too much of our scent on them since we've used them for several years. By now, I had visual proof of a mouse. Eeek! I was sitting up late one night and saw it in our laundry room and then watched it run into the bathroom. By the time I got up to get the broom, it was gone. Later that night, my 13 year old saw it run across her bedroom floor which prompted her to stand on her bed, freaking out.

I ended up going out and purchasing some new traps from the Family Dollar store, which turned out to be very cheaply made. Surprise, surprise. But, about 4 of them worked so we scattered them throughout the house, along with the two that we already had, a small box of D-con (placed in an area that is inaccessible to my smaller children),  and reset the spin trap. Still, nothing.  You've got to be kidding me! I have a highly trained Ninja mouse on my hands.

I've been checking the traps on a regular basis, and the only thing I've seen come close to them are those stupid ants.

Now what? Somebody suggested to me to get glue traps. "Their the best!" That's what I was told anyway. No luck with them either. The day before yesterday, I opened my linen drawer to find one of my favorite aprons chewed to bits. Yesterday, it was several of my cloth napkins. To top it off, I opened my utensil and silverware drawers to find droppings. Did I mention how nasty I think this is? I spent an hour bleaching everything and trying to booby trap the drawers. I thought I'd be smart and put a row of 5 glue traps across the drawer along with some tempting paper and several peanuts scattered near the traps. When we looked in the drawer, we found no mouse, some chewed up paper, and all 7 of the peanuts were gone. This mouse went to Harvard. Or MIT. I am undecided. He is way too sophisticated to be in our humble country home. Maybe he is really City Mouse who traded places with Country Mouse for an extended sabbatical.

So, tonight, this is what is awaiting Country Mouse, or City Mouse, or whoever he is.

I really need more glue traps, but I am hoping it will try to get the peanut stuck to the glue, and get stuck itself. Oh yeah, I stuck a couple of peanuts in the spin trap, reset it, and put it in the drawer as well.  Not really sure what I will do if I open the drawer tomorrow and find a mouse stuck to one of the traps. I will be thrilled, for sure, but what do I do with the trap? Ewwwww.......

If I don't catch anything tonight, I am going out and buying more of the glue traps (which come in a box of 6) and lining my entire drawer. Surely that will get it. Right? Unless I am dealing with an illusionist mouse.

Stay tuned for more Saga of the Mouse........

In the meantime, if any of you have any suggestions, I'm open. :)

Made in USA Review and Giveaway: Loui Saves the Earth | made in usa challenge

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Check out this giveaway on Made In USA Challenge and enter to win a signed copy of Loui Saves the Earth. It would make a great addition to your homeschool library! 

Made in USA Review and Giveaway: Loui Saves the Earth | made in usa challenge

Pepsi Power Vote Codes Needed

Angels4Epilepsy is seeking Pepsi Power Vote codes to help them win a $25K Pepsi Refresh Everything grant. If you are entering my $30 Gift Card to Anywhere Giveaway, entering a valid Power Vote code in the entry form will earn you 5 EXTRA entries to the giveaway. 

If you have a Power Vote code, and do not want to enter the giveaway, then please email your valid codes to: pepsicode@yahoo.com

$30 Gift Card to Anywhere Giveaway- Ends 8/25

To enter giveaway, please scroll down and use the form below. Do not comment to enter as it will be deleted. Feel free to leave non-entry comments though. :) 

Giveaway now closed!

Many of you know that my cousin has epilepsy. She is now 8 years old and has been seizure-free for awhile now thanks to daily meds and a vigilant, loving mother who is attune to her daughter's every need. There is a chance she will outgrow them as well. When she was 7, she started Angels4Epilepsy and with the help of a $5000 Pepsi grant that she won last fall, it has become an official non-profit organization! They have helped many children already in Indiana and Georgia, by delivering gift bags full of goodies to help make hospital stays and testing a little less scary for the kids. Angels4Epilepsy is now trying to win a $25K Pepsi grant in order to help low income families with children with epilepsy, and to deliver more gift bags in TX, GA, & IN,  but they need your help!

If you drink Pepsi, you have probably seen the "Power Vote" codes. We need these codes to help Angels4Epilepsy win! If you provide us with a valid code, you get 5 extra entries for each valid code you submit. (Each code will be validated.) Just make sure to fulfill the required entry of following My So Called Homeschool Life before submitting any extra entries.

To learn more about Jamie and Angels4Epilepsy, and to follow her blog, click HERE or on one of the links above.

Giveaway ends midnight EST, August 25 and a winner will be chosen by Random.org shortly after.

Angels4Epilepsy Needs Your Votes!

$30 Gift Card to Anywhere Giveaway Coming Soon!

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For this giveaway, you will get to choose where you would like your $30 gift card to come from, as long as I can purchase it online. Check back in a few days to enter!