Vintage Remedies for Kids Review

Vintage Remedies for Kids by Jessie Hawkins
$25.00 (additional charges may apply such as tax and shipping)
Spiral Bound, 6"x9", 202 pages

From the website:

Based on the popular Vintage Remedies for Girls and Guys curriculum, this edition is perfect for younger siblings! Vintage Remedies for Kids helps parents teach  healthy and natural living to boys and girls ages 2-6. This new workbook is packed with projects covering every aspect of natural living including wellness, nutrition, immunity, natural body care, and the conservative use of valuable natural resources - in terms they will understand and remember! 

My Personal Thoughts:

Don't ask me why, but I absolutely love receiving things wrapped in brown paper, especially when they are tied with string. So, I was smitten with this company from the get-go. 
Then, I discovered that I received an extra goody, The Kitchen Herbal (retails for $9.95) and that was it - I was head over heels. There aren't a whole lot of companies out there today who go the extra mile for their customers and I was very impressed by the fact that they went above and beyond what was required. Little details are big in my book, and has that covered.

Let me start with The Kitchen Herbal. In this book, Jessie Hawkins covers the traditional and medicinal use of 18 different traditional culinary herbs such as basil, cinnamon, lavender, oregano, and more. Recipes are included for each herb and spice, and as delicious as they sound, I have not yet had time to try them. I am looking forward to doing so. The author also instructs the reader on cultivating, harvesting, and storing these herbs. Wonderful book to have on hand or to gift to somebody.

Now, on to Vintage Remedies for Kids! Although I have had this book for several weeks, I am still reviewing it and using the curriculum with my son who will soon be 4. The book is intended for kids ages 2-6 who are just beginning to notice the choices that are made in their lives on a daily basis. My son has always had issues with textures of foods and to this day, he hardly eats anything and what he does eat does not have much nutritional value. In spite of this, his is taller than most children his age but he does seem to catch more bugs than most of us. We have tried to explain that there are vitamins in foods that help to keep us healthy and since he doesn't eat the right kinds of foods, his body cannot fight off the bad germs very well. Currently, he has been sick for over a week now with a virus. We have gone through about 9 boxes of tissues! This has been the perfect time to go over Section Two: Health and Wellness. Particularly these chapters: How to catch a bug, Staying healthy, and When I get sick. Mr. B was VERY interested in what I was reading and kept asking me to "read more, Mommy." I think it is one thing for us to tell our children something, but when they hear it read to them from a book, it sometimes sinks in better. 

I appreciate having the "Thinking it Over" sections which is basically like a review/quiz/talk about it session all in one. This helps the lesson to sink in, and my son always likes discussing things and telling me his take on the matter. I know this will help him to remember what he has learned and perhaps he will be encouraged to try new foods since they will help keep him healthier. 

Each section also has "Leading by Example" which helps to teach the teacher so to speak and also a "Projects" lesson(s) so children can learn by doing, thus reinforcing what they were just taught. This is one book that I can see myself referring to often and using for several more years at least since my youngest is not quite 2 yet. 

Coloring sheets to go along with the lessons can be added to your cart and downloaded in pdf format for free HERE

If you are interested in learning more about natural health, I highly recommend visiting their website to see all that they have to offer in way of products as well as programs. I have visited other such sites in the past, but personally was very impressed with everything about Vintage Remedies.

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*Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. ALL opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.