I See Cards- Fractazmic Review

The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Learning Fractions!

I have nothing but good things to say about the Fractazmic educational cards, by the makers of I See Cards! This game is a fun lesson that lets your child practice at his own individual level. 

To say that my 6th grader does not like math would be putting it mildly so I was more than a bit surprised when she was the first to ask me to play Fractazmic. I was even more surprised that she kept playing even when she had some trouble adding fractions. My husband was very patient with her, and we took a bit more time explaining how to convert and add fractions, and once she got the hang of it, she did not want to stop playing. She loves this game, and that is saying A LOT! 

What's more, she retained what she learned (and she thought she was just having FUN!) and scored 100% on a fractions test that she had to take the next day. I wish I had captured her smile on camera. She was so proud of herself! Even though she is finished with her fractions lessons, she continues to want to play the game. It is just THAT much fun!

Fractazmic Decks Include:

  • 60 Math Learning Cards
  • Each card clearly numbered
  • Each card clearly labeled with the fraction and reinforcing graphic.

What makes Fractazmic Decks Special:

  • Quickly learn to convert and add fractions.
  • Reinforces relationship between fractions and measurements.
  • Shows real world use of fractions.

Fractazmic is intended for grades 1-8, but I personally feel that it could be used for children of all ages. The brightly colored cards add to the fun. Nothing boring about this game! (Never thought I'd say that about a "math" game.)

How to Play:

This game is for 2-4 players.

The object of the game is to create as many "hands" as possible before a player runs out of cards. "Hands" are made by adding together the fraction cards within a suit to equal one (1). Game ends when a player runs out of cards. The winner is the player with the most "hands". 

The Fractazmic deck has 3 suits in three different colors: the 16ths are red, the 12ths are blue, and the 10ths are green. In each colored suit, the cards can be combined multiple ways to equal 1. 

The only "con" I possibly have about this game is that the box wasn't very sturdy and fell apart right after we opened it which is not really a big deal because I can glue it or store the cards in something other than the box. 

If you have a child who is struggling with fractions, or you just want a fun supplement for your math lessons, I highly recommend Fractazmic! 

For additional ways to play and to learn about their other FUN games, visit Fractazmic at www.fractazmic.com. Cards can be purchased on the website as well for $6.95 (plus shipping and tax where applicable) for the 60 card deck. 

Download a 28 page pdf booklet HERE that explains how to play the different games they have to offer such as Pyramath & Prime Bomb.

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*Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.