Vote For Culver's Hometown Hero Nominee - Sean R.

Meet Sean. He is an inspiring young man who is currently in the running to win a $5000 Grand Prize in Culver's Hometown Hero contest. He needs your DAILY votes to win! Contest ends December 5.

Will you please take a minute to read his story?
Alexandra Habeeb, wrote this about Sean:

"Sean R. is my hero because he is truly an inspiration to everyone around him. Sean's dream has always been to become a published author, as his passion is writing. Sean, now 20, must use a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy which he has had since infancy. Because of this disease, Sean can't use his hands to write. However, his mind has always been full of creative, fun stories that he's wanted to share with the world. He didn't allow his disability to be a setback. Instead, he dictated his stories as someone typed them out. I was so proud when Sean's first children's book was published in 2010!!! After the book was published, there was a book signing for it! It was so neat to see our whole community rally behind Sean and support him. The inspiration he stirred within our community was tangible. He overcame challenges and went the distance to accomplish his dream. He never gave up! Whenever I think about giving up or think that I can't do something, I think of Sean. He reached for the stars, and accomplished his dream! Sean never stopped, and he's still not stopping! He has a whole series written, and is hoping to get those published. Because of all of his dedication, passion, perseverance, and determination, Sean is my hero!!!"

Sean's first book was published when he was 18 years old! Paddy's First Day at Hilltop School is an adorable story about Paddy (a muskrat), with cerebral palsy, who must attend a new school when his family moves. The stories of Paddy relate with Sean's own experiences as well of those of other children. Visit to order.

There are currently about 10 more books in the Paddy series written and ready to be published, but Sean lacks the funds to send them to print. Winning the Culver's Hometown Hero $5000 prize would help him realize his dream of seeing these books published.

Please VOTE for him today, and every day through December 5. THANK YOU!


ruthie1019 said...

Sean is really inspiring, and to think that we complaint sometimes for stuff that don't matter, I voted and posted on fb.

Christa said...