Math Mammoth Review

TOS Crew members were recently given the opportunity to review products from Math Mammoth. Maria Miller, author of Math Mammoth workbooks & worktexts, gave Crew members their choice of which product to review. I chose the Golden Series Grade 6 worksheets which focuses on:

Operations with numbers
Place value
Number theory
Fractions & part problems
Integers & coordinate system
Equations, ratios, percent
Statistics & probability

I like having the workbook as a pdf file with the option to print the entire book at once to store in a binder, or to print one lesson out at a time. A printable answer key is also included which has come in very handy! Math was never my favorite subject when I was in school, and I have to admit that it still isn't. 

This series is available in a pdf download ($65) or on CD ($70) and are available for purchase on Kagi.

Other series include: The Blue Series for grades 1-6, the Light Blue Series for grades 1-6, and the Green series (which are a collections of worksheets compiled from the Golden series). 

Also available: the Make it Real Learning Activity Library, Volume 1 (download),  Math Mammoth All Inclusive Package (which includes ALL of the series), the "Everything" Bundle (download) which includes all of the Math Mammoth series and the make It Real Learning products sold on site. Read more about each package for pricing and to determine which series best meets your child's needs.

(From the site)
Note: These worksheets follow loosely Virginia state standards for mathematics, as they were found in 2006. But standards vary within the states, and change over time. Therefore you may not find each and every 6th grade topic that you might find in some other math book or that might be listed in your state's standards or objectives.

Watch Math Mammoth lesson videos, like the one below, on YouTube. I love having online lessons to use when I need them!

Computer requirements. The CDs work in any operating system (Mac, Linux, or Windows), because they are not a software in themselves. They simply contain the PDF files (ebooks). So as long as you can read the CD and can view PDF files, you can use it. The bonus software Soft-Pak only works in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Have questions? Visit the FAQ's for answers.

Math Mammoth offers a FREE SAMPLE DOWNLOAD of over 300 worksheets and sample pages & placements tests that can be taken after after studying a particular grade, used to find the right book in the Blue Series, or used as a general diagnostic test.

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*Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was received.