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When considering which foreign language to teach my children, I have to admit that Latin wasn't my first choice. Nor my second, nor my third. You get the picture. It just seemed so intimidating to me. 

However, when I was chosen to review First Form Latin by Memoria Press for the TOS Crew, I decided to toss all of my preconceived notions out the window and to give it my best shot.

Having been designed for teachers with or without a Latin background, First Form Latin will guide you through the course in a simple, yet effective, process. Written by Cheryl Lowe, who also founded Memoria Press in 1994, this revolutionary grammar first series is based on Mrs. Lowe's 20 years of teaching experience. 

To be honest, I still feel that the task is daunting, but I believe that I am now well equipped to guide my children down this new path of learning. Actually, guide might not be the right word. Maybe "drag"? I should probably add kicking and screaming as well. But, it is my hope that the farther down the path we travel, the more my children will come to love and appreciate this journey. 
Watch a 5 minute DVD demo of Lesson 8 below:

First Form is the ideal text for all beginners, grade 5 and up. The grammar first approach focuses on grammar forms and vocabulary because those are the grammar stage skills suitable for the grammar stage student. Completion of First Form Latin is equivalent to one year of high school foreign language. While perfect for the homeschool setting, I can see using this in our homeschool Co-op as well!

I received everything pictured above, which includes:

Teacher Manual
Student Text
Student Workbook
Quizzes and Tests Pronunciation CD
PLUS Flashcards & DVD

(Taken directly from the website.) Features include:
  • Designed for students and teachers with no Latin background
  • 8x8 inch Student Text, small, concise, unintimidating with 34 two-page lessons on facing uncluttered pages
  • Limited vocabulary of 185 words
  • Full-size Student Workbook with 4-6 pages of exercises per lesson
  • Vocabulary derivatives and detailed explanations of Latin sayings
  • Grammar catechism for daily rapid-fire review
  • Milestone markers for each grammar objective
  • Everything-you-could-possibly-need teacher manual
    • Organized for easy access
    • Student Text inset with answers in color
    • Chalk-talk scripted lessons
    • Recitation schedule
    • Pronunciation reminders
    • Workbook with key
    • Unit tests and lesson quizzes booklet
    • FYI section for extra background

 I must say, if I am going to teach Latin, I am grateful it is with the guidance of First Form Latin. I appreciate everything about this course from the beautifully designed book covers to the DVD & CDs providing the extra help I need. I'm not going to say that we "enjoy" learning Latin yet, and as unschoolers, the structure can be difficult for us, but in the long run I know we will be glad we did this! 

I highly recommend this product!

View some sample pages:
Student textbook lesson 8, student workbook lesson 8, teachers manual lesson 8, Contents, and sample first form Recitation

First Form Latin plus DVDs & Flashcards can be purchased for $115.00 plus shipping.

First Form Latin (without DVDs & Flashcards) can be purchased for $55 plus shipping. 

Items can also be purchased individually and Memoria Press offers a full refund on the price of their products for 60 days!

They offer several ways to order: online at, Toll-free at 1-877-862-1097, or by mail with this printable order form with credit card, check, or money order.

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*Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for providing an honest review. All opinions are my own. I received no other compensation.