I Need Boots, So Why Am I Looking At Summer Shoes at DSW?

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So, I'm surfing the web for black, wide-calf dress boots (which I NEED) and I run across these instead. Aren't they gorgeous!?! I don't need them, but I sure do WANT them!
SM Women's Karro Leather Pump

I LOVE these shoes. They are currently on clearance at DSW for $49.94!

And these!!! Right now, they are on clearance at DSW for only $29.94. Sizes are limited though. 

Two Lips Sandy Wedge Sandal
Ok, now it's back to my quest for the perfect boot! Unless of course I get distracted again!


Jessica ♥ said...

Marshalls is having a major boot sale right now... I just bought 2 pairs! Unfortunately, you have to actually go there to see them.... Good luck in your search (: