Harvesting the Honey

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  Last weekend, my husband harvested the first of our honey. We got about 33lbs. We still have 2 more boxes to go once they are ready to harvest. Hopefully, the weather will be nice when they are! The bees don't care too much for overcast days.

The honey frames still in the box.
The cappings on the frames show that
 the honey is ready to harvest.
Cutting off the cappings.

Frame with cappings cut off, in the extractor
waiting to be spun out.

You can't tell from this picture (my camera froze frame)
but these 4 frames are actually spinning, extracting the honey.
The final product! Isn't it pretty?
It tastes so great!


Christa said...

Oh wow! It would be awesome to have fresh honey! What a neat thing to be able to do.

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

Christa, it is very neat! He is wanting to build an observation hive which would basically be inside our house in the wall. That will really be cool to be able to watch the bees every day!