Bob Evans Farm Festival Going On Now!


The 41st Annual Bob Evan Farm Festival is being held this year from October 14 - 16 in Rio Grande, OH. If you are in the area, and looking for something to do, check it out! Food, crafts, music, and more, there is definitely something for everybody! 

Even though we only live a couple hours away, we have never been to the Bob Evans Farm before so my children and I (minus Twin 1 who went to Mamaw & Papaw's instead) decided to make a day of it today (14th) and go to the festival. 

Parking was in a field across the road from the festivities. It must have rained yesterday because the field was a bit muddy, which made if rather difficult to push our Sit N Stand stroller through the tall grass. We made it though!

Admission is paid before crossing over to The Farm and is $5 for adults, $3 for children ages 6-18, and FREE for 5 and under. Very reasonably priced!

This is what what on the other side. Beautiful!

My 3 girls

One brave woman! These guys were awesome!

Gotta love a man who knows how to cook! In bulk!

Nanny & Twin 2 looking at handmade jewelry.

While some items were a bit expensive, I was pleasantly surprised to find many items very reasonably priced. Something for every budget! My daughter ended up purchasing a very cute necklace for $4.

Pony rides!

Unfortunately, I neglected to stop and get cash prior to arriving and the only vendor I saw that accepted credit cards was the one selling handmade soaps (which is probably a good thing because I noticed several antique vendors), so mainly all we did was walk around and look at everything. The soaps smelled heavenly! I tried to purchase some, but there was a networking issue with their card reader and my bank, so I was unable to buy any. I did grab a brochure though, and plan to order some online. My daughter fell in love with the Jasmine  Glitter bar soap. I was partial to the Lavender and Vanilla Oatmeal.

A view of some of the vendor & food tents.
One of the cabins that are under renovation. My 3 year old told me that's where cowboys live.

I love dulcimer music, especially
the hammered dulcimer.

Buying sorghum suckers. They were pretty tasty, but not something I'd eat one right after the other. They were also selling bottled sorghum syrup.

Me & Mr. B

Mr. B waiting in line with Twin 2 to go
into the Museum. This was a popular attraction.

Rain clouds started moving in, so we decided to leave. I was worn out from pushing our double stroller through all the mud and muck. My arms really got a workout! We worked our way back to the van, loaded up, and headed out. About 10 minutes on the road, and the rain really let loose. We had to drive through it for about 15 minutes. By the time we got closer to home, although very windy, it was sunny and beautiful. We finished the day by stopping off at McDonald's where my 17 month old decided she wanted to drink the ketchup. She did have a few fries with that!

The festival will end Sunday, and the weather is supposed to be great so if you have a chance to go....GO! It's a great family fun!


farmerboyk said...

Man those sorghum suckers are good!!!!! i surely could eat'em right after another :P they taste like dry mango slices :)

Christa said...

Looks like lots of fun! We went to a local Seafood Festival this past weekend. Something new and different to do.