Looks Like Movie Night

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I finally went to the doctor yesterday since the bug that I caught seemed to be migrating to my chest. It wasn't bronchitis yet, thankfully, but they did put me on medicine. After almost 24 hours, I am still not feeling much better and the cough is driving me crazy. Two of my 5 children are also sick with head colds and I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that the other 3 don't get it also, especially since we are supposed to go out of town to visit family soon.

I was thinking about how boring this Friday night was going to be with some of us feeling under the weather, but then Fed Ex came knocking on our door with A Cinderella Story - Once Upon a Song (compliments of Partner's Hub) and the mail carrier delivered The Grace Card that I won from  Mommy PR's giveaway about a week and a half ago. Add to that a Scruble Cube that I have to review for the TOS Crew and we have Family Fun Night! Too bad I don't have any pizza or snacks I have to review. That would have made it perfect. Well, that and not being sick! lol I look forward to snuggling up with my kids and my box of tissues in a few hours! I've read some great reviews about The Grace Card and I'm sure A Cinderella Story will be a hit with my girls (there IS a cute English guy in it after all).

Have a great weekend & be well!


Christa said...

Sorry to hear you are still feeling under the weather. Packages in the mail are always a great surprise though!