I Heart My Daughter

When I started this blog, I had full intentions of writing about my personal life and my family. While I have done that, I don't think I've done enough of that. So, starting now, I am going to make good on my intentions!

What prompted this was my 13 year old daughter running out of her room, excitedly telling me about an opportunity to enter a contest, of sorts, to have Mindy Gledhill perform a private concert for us and some friends during a house concert tour for bloggers around Christmastime. 

I have thought before about how much my daughter is actually online, and I know many would disagree with my decision to allow her so much freedom on the internet. That is not to say that I don't monitor her activity, but I do think she probably has more freedom that a lot of kids her age. And, I trust her. Here are some of the reasons why:

Instead of sneaking into a chat room, my daughter is chatting on Facebook with relatives whom she has never met, forging what will hopefully be close, lifelong relationships with them.

Instead of playing violent or mature online games, my daughter is on Poly-vore designing complete head-to-toe ensembles and collages or working on her blog.

Instead of downloading the latest from Anthrax, SHE is introducing me to people like Mindy Gledhill and She and Him. She also likes Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra. Did I mention she is 13?

Instead of watching R-rated content on You Tube, she is searching the site for the e-How video on how to sew the elastic in new ballet shoes.

Instead of dressing like the world, she (for the most part) chooses modest clothing and when and if she wears something that might be a little questionable, she willingly changes into something else. 

Instead of watching the latest R-rated movie like a lot of kids her age, she is asking me to rent Singing in the Rain or Ballet Shoes.

Instead of me worrying about who her friends are, I KNOW who they are and they are frequent visitors to our home. And, you know what? I like her friends. 

God has blessed me beyond measure (with all 5 of my children), and I know it. 

So, for all the times that I haven't said it when I should have, Nanny, I am PROUD of you and the Christian young woman you are becoming! 

You are a blessing!


Girlygirl said...

Awww Mom, I'm flattered haha :) Love you!

Christa said...

Very sweet.

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

Don't get me wrong, I love all 5 of my children. But, sometimes, you just have an "a ha" moment, ya know? When you realize how great they really are? It's such a joy watching them grow and find themselves & going where God leads them.