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Just a short note, I apologize for my inconsistent giveaway requirements. I have recently decided that for most giveaways, I am not going to "require" my readers to follow me via GFC (although it is greatly appreciated when you do!) so several of my current/recent giveaways have reflected that decision. Most recently, I have discovered Rafflecopter and am currently using it on 2 of my giveaways and will be using it for the Fall Festival Giveaway blog hop coming up on 9/16. If the Rafflecopter works out well, I will probably just use that from now on, rather than having people comment on the actual post to enter. Sorry for any confusion, but just make sure to read the entry requirements prior to posting your comments so they will be sure to count!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you'll be back soon (and frequently)!


dolphin lady said...

Thanks for following me over at The Sojourner Reviews! I am now following you, too! Love your blog!

Christa said...

Thanks for following me too! Love your blog. I've seen a lot of blogs switching to entries through Rafflecopter or something like that--hopefully it's easier and works well!