#BettyCrocker Fan Fare Recipes

Fall is officially here, and that means the return of all of our favorite tv shows! Betty Crocker and Trista Sutter, reality tv star, are teaming up to bring you some great made for tv snack recipes inspired by our favorite shows,  perfect for sharing with family and friends. 

I tend to stay up much later than I should, watching Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. I love Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! I usually pay for it the next morning when my littlest one wakes up raring and ready to go at 7 a.m. but Jimmy is just so funny. When I saw this recipe from Betty Crocker for Late Night Snack Cookies, I thought it would be the perfect match for my "why am I still up?" nights. 

Late Night Snack Cookies
These yummy chocolate cookies are crammed with all your late night hosts´ favorite snack foods - chewy, chocolatey caramels, salty potato chips, and cruncy waffle cones. With these cookies on hand, we don´t blame you if you raid the pantry late at night. Get the recipe at bettycrocker.com/fanfare.

Another one of my guilty pleasures are the talent competitions, and what better to pair them with than the You Be the Judge Popcorn Mix. With choice like Sugary Sweet, Angry Jerk, Worldly Spice or Flaky Nut, there's sure to be at least one winner! Get the recipe


To find more great recipes like Boxed Wine Cupcakes, Solving for Pi Cheesecake,  Cheesy Po-Tot-Chos, and more, visit Betty Crocker Fan Fare:  http://bit.ly/bettyfanfare.

Watching tv has never been so sweet!

Disclosure: I  received these recipes from Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark. No compensation was received.