Awesome Kid Award

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Danielle B.
My So Called Homeschool Life would like to recognize Danielle as an AWESOME KID and award her with a Disney Princess Prize Pack.
Danielle with her sister

Danielle is a spunky, pint-sized 4 year old with a heart as big as Texas. While her older sister has been busy with Angels4Epilepsy, Danielle has been right by her side helping to fill gift bags, making deliveries, and even going so far as to offer her own Happy Meal toys as bag fillers.

 She is always ready with a smile that touches the heart!

Danielle has severe pulmonary/allergy issues and was diagnosed just two weeks after her older sister was diagnosed with epilepsy. She is on several medications a day and has endured many hospitalizations due to her condition. She is such a trooper!

Much of Danielle's life has been spent apart from her Dad due to him being deployed to the Middle East. While on his last tour, Danielle would help to bake treats to send to the soldiers in her dad's command. He is stationed back in the states now, and the Army has moved the family to a new duty station. Danielle is having a blast exploring her new surroundings and the new climate seems to have done wonders for her health.

So, Dani, for everything you do to brighten somebody's day and for the blessing that you are, you are being given the Awesome Kid Award! I hope you always know how special YOU are!