Milestones & Musings


This past week, "Baby Sista" has totally weaned herself from nursing. I knew it was coming, because she really only nursed once or twice a day anyway but I was surprised at how easy it was to transition to regular milk in her sippy cup. She had a bit of trouble with the Vitamin D milk that her pediatrician wants her to drink, so I switched to 2% and she seems to be able to handle that ok. I'm sure I'll hear at her next check-up that I need to give her supplements, but I personally think she is getting enough Vitamin D from daily sun exposure so I'm not really worried about it.

Another awesome milestone is Mr. B falling asleep by himself. I am beside myself with excitement over this one. Boo has always had trouble falling asleep by himself, but over the past few weeks he has decided that at 3 & 1/2, he is a "big boy" now and willingly climbs into bed, gets tucked in, rolls over, waits a few minutes for me to come back in and check on him, and then is out like a light. Between that and Baby Sister sleeping better through the night since she stopped nursing, my sleep quality has improved dramatically! Who knew sleep could be so exciting!

At 15 months old, Baby Sister has learned how to draw on the chalkboard and to erase to start all over again. She gets so excited about her "creations", but I really have to watch her to make sure she doesn't eat the chalk. I'm thinking about breaking out the finger paints and seeing how she does with those. Might wait until the weather cools down just a bit though, and do it outside. Less mess in the house is always a good thing, especially when it comes to paint. Some of that so-called "washable" paint is anything but washable. Several years ago, one of my kids decided to use some of my white cloth napkins as a paint rag, and even after bleaching them, they still have vibrant smears of blue and green.

I finally cleaned and refilled our hummingbird feeder and am hoping to get a picture of the beautiful tiny green hummingbird who frequents it. We have a feeder like the one pictured above hanging by our bedroom window and for several weeks, we've seen the little bird stop by to feed only to find it empty. It's amazing really, because the same birds will come back year after year. I don't know how they remember where their feeding sites are, but they do. I think I feel a unit study coming on! That would be perfect for Mr. B. The two of us lie on the bed and look out the wall of windows on one side of my bedroom, and just watch the birds and squirrels. He really gets excited when the hummingbird stops by. If anybody knows of any studies geared for the younger child, please let me know!

We've had some awful storms here in Southern Ohio today. I am hoping that they are over with for the night so that everybody will get a good night's rest. Speaking of which, I guess I'll head off to bed myself. I am so NOT a morning person, and my youngest one has decided that 7 a.m. is the perfect time to wake up every day and 7 a.m. comes way too early for me. Night all!


farmerboyk said...

Well hey, the paint said "Washable"!
lol luv ya :D

dfc40a60-b7a2-11e0-9b61-000bcdcb471e said...

I love this. How exciting to watch them grow!