Busy, Busy, Busy

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I don't know how, but the summer is just flying by. I have so many things that I want to do (too many) and it seems like I am getting nothing at all accomplished! I had my homeschool assessment in May, got around to getting it ready to mail in June, and although I had good intentions, it is still sitting in my "mail me" pile. I think I have found my new calling: procrastination!

At the moment, my littlest one is in bed asleep already and my other four are outside in the backyard, camping! They are getting ready to make S'mores. I hope they think to make me one! It is nice that they are outside running and playing, rather than holed up in the house on their computers.

 My oldest son discovered that we actually have grapes again this year. Hopefully, they can be picked before the birds get ahold of them. That job will have to fall to my husband for two reasons: 1) I am highly allergic to the poison ivy that is near the grapes and 2) I am only a little over 5 ft. tall and cannot reach the grapes. The funny thing is, they grow in some trees in our side yard!

It's been several years since we've had grapes!

This time last Friday, I was at a hotel for a mini "me" getaway. It had been 6 years since I spent the night away from home without the children, and since then, there was the addition of two more. I didn't go far, just a hotel about 20 minutes away from home, but it was nice. Actually, the hotel was VERY noisy (I was right near a stairwell, the office, AND the POOL) but other than that, wonderful. I actually had a hair "appointment". First time in years, and let me tell you, it was glorious! I love my new stylist and I love my new do. I shopped at the mall for a couple of hours, rented some movies from Redbox (isn't Redbox the greatest?), and stopped by a local grocery store for junk food. I didn't have to be home until 4 the next day but by 12:30, I was bored and didn't want to shop anymore (I really dislike shopping), so I actually ended up going to the grocery store. Kind of lame, but hey, I hardly ever get to do that by myself either! It was nice getting a break from the kids, but I really missed them and was glad to be home.

A King sized bed all to myself!

Whirlpool tub, just for me
Since beginning to write this post, my baby has woke up once, I got my s'more, the kids have run in and out at least 2 dozen times, and I've had to get pj's on my 3 year old who is also going to sleep outside. I have my doubts that he will stay outside all night, but who knows. Hope they all get some sleep! Tomorrow is shaping up to be a busy day with golfing, shopping, and visiting family.

Gotta love summer!


farmerboyk said...

:O Whirlpool????!! I'm jealous :P