Bees, Bees, and More Bees

A few months ago, we realized that all of our bees had died. They were doing great and then all of a sudden, gone. We aren't really sure what happened to them. Possibly a wax moth or maybe a mouse. When my friend Amy called to tell me her bees were swarming again, my husband jumped at the chance to go get them. Luckily for my husband, the bees were still there when he got home from work and they were fairly accessible in a pine tree. We ended up with 3 or 4 swarms from her and they are doing great!

I was trying to post a video of my husband transferring them from the box he collected them in to the hive, but I am having trouble loading it. I will update this post if I ever get it uploaded because it is definitely worth seeing! Until then, here is a picture of him using a white sheet as a "bridge" from one box to the other. The bees just crawled right into their new home! It was very cool to watch.

Today here in Ohio the temperatures reached about 111 with the heat index. Because of that, the bees needed access to extra water so my husband set up a watering hole for them. We didn't have any packing peanuts to float in the water for the bees to land on, so I think he ended up using rocks instead. I'd like to get a picture of the bees, but frankly, these scare me a bit. They are quite a bit more aggressive than our former honey bees because wild bees have been mixed in with them. They definitely do not like the lawn mower either!

I'm not certain, but I think we might be able to rob some honey from them this year. I am anxious to see how much we will get, and to taste it. The honey from our last bees was absolutely delicious! Also thinking about possibly making some things with the bees wax. If anybody has any simple ideas or recipes for newbies, feel free to post them in a comment! I'd love to hear them.


Rebecca said...

OH, my husband wants to start a 'bee' farm in our back yard...the thought scares me a little!!! You are so brave!

I'm a newbie from the Crew...dropping by to say hello! Love your sweet blog!


Cherie said...

I'm so glad you are getting bee experience... and I'm happy to learn from those experiences!!! I would LOVE to have bees, the husband isn't so excited about it, but we have a few years yet before it's even a viable option. So, I'm trying to get all the information I can before we settle/retire, I look forward to more posts!

Following from the crew :-)

Hen Jen said...

oh wow, you have/ had bees!

My husband really, really wanted to have a hive in our backyard, but we live in the city with less than 1/4 acre including the house on it...the neighbors wouldn't have understood and we are not zoned for it, either.

how very interesting!

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

We live in the country, so zoning and all that isn't an issue. I'm not even sure our neighbors know we have bees! My husband is getting ready to add another box with 10 frames on top of the hive because the bees are doing so well. Two of our hives are really pretty aggressive because some wild bees got mixed in with them but the 3rd hive is a bit more docile since my husband introduced a different queen to the hive. They are much calmer now. Soon, I think, we will be harvesting honey. I can't wait to taste it!

My So Called Homeschool Life said...

@Rebecca, we really don't see much of the bees. Not like one would think since there are 10's of thousands of bees out there. When I mow, I totally steer clear of the hives so...not so brave then. lol They are wonderful for the garden!