Seeking Pepsi Power Vote Cap Codes - Help Angels4Epilepsy Win

UPDATE: Thank you to everybody who voted, but Angels4Epilepsy did not win a grant for the month of June. If approved, they will try again in August. We hope we can count on your continued support! Also, if you drink Pepsi and would like to pass the Power Vote codes to Angels4Epilepsy to use in August, please email them to

If anyone drinks Pepsi and has the Pepsi Refresh Power Cap Codes and aren't using them, can you please send the codes to my cousin,  at

Jamie is running for the $25,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant for her non-profit Angels4Epilepsy.  They are going to utilize the mass amount of the budget to donate gift cards to various epilepsy foundations to give bicycle helmet and medical alert ID bracelet gift cards to parents of low income.  With summer coming, the dangers of a child bumping their heads while riding a bike or on a scooter increase and for some parents, they cannot afford a helmet which is where they want to help.  Also, providing USB ID bracelets will allow parents to have their children's medical records easily accessible in the event of a bracelet or if the child is facing an emergency.

You can also vote to help at:

Text* 106872 to Pepsi (73774) to vote from your mobile.
*Standard text messaging rates apply
Thank you!*Posted with permission from


farmerboyk said...

Hope she wins!!!

Lori said...

I was over there trying to vote but I guess you need to buy Pepsi first? I'll come back later after I have a code I guess!

Stopping by from the crew.


My So Called Homeschool Life said...

Hi Lori. I forgot to post an update. Angels4Epilepsy lost for the month of June. If Pepsi approves their application to run again, they will be competing for the grant in August. The power vote codes help, but are not necessary. Thanks for trying!