Dirty 4 Letter Word - DIET

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So, tomorrow, I am starting a diet. I am not a very good dieter. I also hate to exercise. This should be interesting! While losing weight is the goal of most dieters, I have a different reason for torturing myself. I have mentioned before that I am bipolar. I do suffer from the milder form,  Bipolar II, but having been unmedicated for the past several years, my symptoms are getting a bit out of hand. I have read that a diabetes type diet can be beneficial in controlling mood spectrum changes so I am going to give it a shot. I feel like that is my last chance before having to go back on meds, which I am trying to avoid like the plague!

I don't like having to plan my meals, count calories, and all that other stuff that comes along with dieting. Luckily, I came across a book last week at the library: Flat Belly Diet for Diabetes from the editors of Prevention. I love that it has a grocery list, Phase 1 meal plan and journal, Phase 2 meal plan and journal, exercise illustrations, recipes, and more. I am *almost* looking forward to this. If I can stick with it, I am hoping to control my mood swings and as an added bonus, lose weight!

My dad was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and it has been very difficult for him to just all of a sudden change his eating habits. I'm sure with time, eating healthy will come naturally for him, but right now it is still a struggle. Especially when there are goodies involved. I have a sweet tooth as well  but I guess I get it honestly. I am hoping to be an encouragement to my dad, because unlike me, he has no choice but to change his eating habits.

If all goes well, my Bipolar symptoms will stabilize; I will lose weight; I will exercise at least 6 days a week; and I will be my dad's partner in crime.

Stay tuned for all the boring details!