Spouting off on Facebook

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Over the past year, Facebook has turned into something that I can't imagine my life without. Pitiful, huh? It's how I stay in touch with friends and family both near and far. It's where I vent and (gasp) gossip. I never really have gotten into any of the games (I waste enough time on FB as it is!) but it is nice to just hang out for awhile and chat with friends or browse for coupons or giveaways, and look at pictures posted by friends. I've even been known to chat with my teenage daughter in the next room.

That is, I used to. Until this past Friday, when the Facebook powers-that-be decided to disable her account for a reason unknown to us. I've read their rules, and as far as I can tell, my daughter has not violated any of them. She used her real name, her real age, and her real email address. She never spammed anybody. Never posted any inappropriate pictures. But, for some reason, without warning, her account is gone. I, myself, emailed Facebook to try to get some answers and I was told that because my daughter is 13, there are privacy laws to protect her. She had to email them herself. WHAT? Thirteen, people! I'm all for privacy, but as far as I am concerned, my daughter's business is my business, privacy issues or not.

 So, here it is 3 days and 5 emails later, and still no answers. Come on Facebook. What's your deal? Who is running the show, anyway? Actually finding an email address to contact FB about the issue took me over an hour. Now that it is a company worth billions of dollars, I'm sure that they actually don't care enough about "customer service" to make access to account help easy. Companies get big, and they all of a sudden forget about the peons who got them where they are today. There is no such thing as "customer service" nowaways. I know, I know.....get off of my soap box, right? It just really gets my goat that there are little kids with Facebook accounts because their parents set them up with one under false information, and they get to keep their accounts. Theirs aren't being disabled because mommy lied and said they graduated in early 2000. Daddy lied and provided employer information. Come on FB, can't you see by their profile picture that they barely finished teething? Why aren't their accounts disabled? I thought 13 was the minimum age???  And, that's not even including all the accounts people have for their pets. Since when does Fido need a social networking site?

I am so frustrated, but what can I do? They just don't care and who plays fair anymore, right? Certainly not Facebook. And, to those of you reading this and saying to yourself, "for Pete's sake, just open another account" - once your account has been disabled, you may not activate another account unless you have the permission of FB to do so. Privacy policies or not, I am going to keep fighting for my daughter's right to have her account reactivated until I get my own account disabled. Then, the two of us can go to Facebook Withdrawal Support Group together! LOL Does anybody want to join us?

Until next time, poke, poke, poke!