My Newest Addition - HP G62

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My husband has been talking for months about how he needs a new chain saw. He's not joking, either. He really does "need" a new chain saw. When you live in the country like we do, there is always a use for one and having a new one would sure make life easier for my husband. We do have one (at least I think we still have one), but even after several visits to the repair shop, it refuses to work like it is supposed to. Or at all.

But, my husband didn't buy his chain saw. He bought me a laptop. And who says he's not romantic??? (Hmmmm, that would be me, myself, and I.) Romance, showmance.....I'd take a laptop over roses any day. I am still more than a bit surprised that it is here in my grubby little hands!

After much research, I decided on the HP G62. The price was right, shipping was free, and several upgrades were included. While I didn't get everything I really wanted in a laptop, I at least got what I "needed" which is more I can say for my husband. Every time I use my computer, I think about that chain saw so I hope he is able to get one sooner rather than later so I can stop feeling guilty about loving my new laptop so much. Hard to believe a chain saw cost as much as a computer, or vice versa. I've been using it for about 3 days, and I am still learning my way around Windows 7. I'm not sure yet if I like it or not. I feel that way about each Windows upgrade though, and 7 does have some great features. Specs said that the battery life was over 4 hours, but my experience has been about 2 which is still much better than the 15 minute life of my old laptop, a Toshiba Satellite A105,  which is now in the possession of my daughter. My 11 year old son, who is turning into a major computer geek (said lovingly by his mother) is majorly jealous that I am in possession of a) a new laptop and b) a laptop running Windows 7. The G62 is MUCH lighter than the Satellite, which is definitely a plus as well.

Now that I have a system that actually works like it's supposed to (unlike said chain saw), I'm looking forward to being able to post on a regular basis again! That's a difficult thing to do on a system that's always bogged down and getting hung up. So, to my "unromantic" husband, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Melanie said...

That is love, right there! :)

farmerboyk said...

haha go ahead and call me a computer geek XD