Destination Davenport

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Tomorrow, we are headed to the Putnam Museum in Davenport, IA to see Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.

My oldest was a bit distraught when we missed out on seeing the exhibit when it was in Columbus, OH at COSI, which is way closer than Iowa. But, due to bedrest and whooping cough,it couldn't be helped so I was rather relieved to find a location so close. I say "close", because besides Iowa, my other choices were: London, Nevada, Brazil, and Canada. Compared to those locations, Iowa is close!

While I have traveled extensively with my older three children, this will be the longest road trip that my two youngest have ever been on. My van is packed from one end to the other with luggage, snacks, toys, books on Playaways, movies, games, Nintendos, and who knows what else. I look at all the things my 5 children will have to keep them occupied and wonder how I ever got by with just looking out my window when I was a child. Does anybody else remember playing "I Spy" or watching license plates? I can almost guarantee that after a couple of hours, at least one of them will say the inevitable, "MOM, I'm bored". 

Partially packed

After searching for hotel accommodations for almost 2 hours, I finally found one that would allow 6 people in one room. It is over an hour away from our final destination, but thank goodness for Baymont Inn & Suites in Peoria, IL!  I am finding that the best way for us to go, although a bit pricey, is to get 2 room suites. I recently joined AAA again so at least I get somewhat of a break on hotel rooms. I would be interested in hearing how other large families handle this dilemma, so feel free to leave comments!

For those of you interested in doing a Titanic Lapbook or unit study, here are some great educator guides:

Currclick Curriculum has an 11 page lapbook kit, downloadable PDF, currently on sale for only $2.00. Click HERE for more information, or to purchase.

 I will be posting trip pictures and a review of the exhibit when we get back. For now, it's off to bed. Five a.m. comes rather early!